Fathers Day: 92 year old decorates Abia Deputy Governor



It was an emotional moment at the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, Ogbor Hill Aba Parish, as a 92 year old woman decorated the Deputy Governor Of Abia State, Sir Ude Oko Chukwu, after he read the first scripture during the Fathers’ Day Celebration of the Church.

As the Deputy Governor, who represented Governor Ikpeazu, moved to his seat after reading the first scripture, the woman who was later confirmed by the members of the Church to be 92 year old, moved to decorate him with her specially made rosette but was stopped by Security Aidee of the Deputy Governor.

On spotting the woman who was insisting on going ahead to see him, Sir Oko Chukwu signaled for her to be allowed to come forward and meet him. The woman stepped forward and decorated the Deputy Governor herself.

As he was being decorated by the woman, the emotional number 2 citizen of Abia State could not hide his joy and appreciation for the gesture of love and service.

After delivering the Governor’s address to the Church, Sir Oko Chukwu expressed his appreciation to the woman for the special decoration, prayed God to keep her longer and blessed her.


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