Adams Oshiomhole: Congratulations On Your Victory As Chairman By Chukwudi Ogbu

It is not much possible to eat your own cake and have it. But Adams Oshiomhole has proven like a Phoenix how smooth a lioness breast can be. He has broken a coconut on his own head, ate it and walks still, unperturbed. Adams Oshiomhole is truly a comrade. He has germinated a good seed. He has eaten the fruit of his labour.
 I must not fail to congratulate you sir, first, on your victory as the new chairman of the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC. Almost everyone should congratulate you too. Your victory would have even, still been a landslide. Your dedication to the party would have spoken for itself. But you still came out unopposed. So long in the political scene have we seen such.  How interesting and cool it sometimes seems when you become unopposed in a supposedly competitive and very crucial elective position.
You have proven your real doggedness. Indeed, there is an Aluta vibrant spirit that still thrives. Oshiomole has this never-say-die hard spirit of an avatar.
 Your candidature thrusted so many contenders into running a relay backwards. They cowed and buried their heads in agony in their groins. They throwed so many tantrums. They say you should be resting in your air-conditioned castle in Iyamho. Your so many brothers came to stab you at your front, but you vigilante your behind. You have proven to them that age is just a number.
You told them that even at your age, you could ride horse-like and massively in your cape verdean wife. You left no stone unturned. You read the handwriting on the wall.
 Sir, your victory did not come as a surprise to many. It puzzled the opposition. They must be setting their compass really hard now. Your scoreline spoke for itself even with goal-line-technology. You scaled through. But, most people have opinionated that you became chairman because like Jacob, you found favour in Buhari’s eyes.
They failed to recall that, like David, you are a man after God’s heart and the people’s mind. Their psychopathic behavior and egocentric nature made it pale for them to see your life struggle achievement for the party. Your self denial, your constant sacrifice. Your commitment.
 Even at age 66, you have proven that National Chairmanship is not a resting place for old retired civil servants. It is one of the toughest tournament a man can play. It is one of the roughest position to sit on. You would wear new clothes of enemies. And there will also still be some wolves in sheep’s clothing. You must decide with Solomon’s wisdom – who picks the party ticket. I know by now your castle would have been filled up with a retinue of wise men from all bearing with frankincense as homage.
Your regalia would be cherished by nepotist. They would cloister your balcony with pomposity like bees because they have found honey.
His Excellency, sir, You have scored a hat trick! No goalie would have been able to make an attempt to stop your velocity. Or else they would have broken an arm like Salah.
 You truly deserved to be chairman!
 Who would have not paid tit for tat? One good turn truly deserves another. You have vindicated yourself. You truly should be paid for your steadfastness and commitment, but it shouldn’t have been out of sympathy or compensation, but it must be served out well on an unbreakable plate of deserved merit and resumé. Your rivals will sulk away and pout in anguish. They would try to seek succour.
 You must not hatch a broken egg! You must not act like Pontius Pilate. Do not claim to be Jesus, because you cannot save Nigeria from this political quagmire. You do not have the will power to feed a multitude with bread and fish. But, you can try to feed a thousand with bread and egg.
Mr chairman Sir, amidst the euphoric clime of the beatitudes. You must watch your spinal cord from your rear mirror. You must rearm yourself with watchfulness. You must allow whistle blowers to blow soundly so you can when the masquerade approaches. Even a dog does not go back to its waste. It barks on its back.
 Many wolves would come as wolves. But the ones in sheep’s attire will come a million times pretentiously. They would strike like a snake. Quick and Hard. But don’t worry sir, there are so many anti snake venom here. The vaccines are very active.
Chukwudi Ogbu is a Journalist and a Political Analyst. He writes from Enugu.


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