Day Two : National Assemblies of God Strategic Church Growth Summit for North Central Zone 1 and North West Zone


The General Secretary Rev Dr Godwin Amaowoh came with the Paper”The Marks of Living/Growing Church” at the Ongoing 2018 Strategic Church Growth Summit for North Central Zone 1 and North West Zone holding at the National Worship Center Garki Abuja.

According to him “There are two Types of Churches namely the Living and Dead Church” The Church is the companh of people called out from the World, a body of Christ, a Temple of God and Holy Spirit.

“In Biology Living things reproduce their Kind, so if God is a Living God, the Church should be a Living Church.

” A Living Church Grows, the Growth is measured by the Population, Increase in Finance etc.

The Foreign Missions Director Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Uchechukwu Ama Spoke to the Brethren about Mission Kebbi.

The Zuru Missionary Area Chairman also spoke on Strategies Missionaries used to Spread the Gospel.

200 Missionaries are needed for Missions Kebbi and on the 18th Of August 2018 there will be a Screening of Missionaries at Evangel Camp Okpoto.

Financial Explosion : A Strong Tool for Church Growth a Paper Presented by Amb Dr Emma Iroegbu.

In his Paper Dr Iroegbu said its time for Pastors to stand as Spiritual Pillars for their Members.


General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor in his Message Said.

“One of the Deservice we may do to a Fiery Pastor is to remove him because of Settling somebody”

In his Charge the General Superintendent said “Don’t use AG Pulpit for Crude Politics”.



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