The Month of April Shall End In Praises- Chidi Okoroafor


Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor in this April 2019 Series of his New Month Message said the Month of April shall end in Praises.

Below is the.message


I welcome you to the 1st day of April 2019. The Lord will give you a Golden opportunity this Month, just look out for it.

“Circumstances shall target your Joy and Peace, but in the name of the Lord, You shall have resounding Victory. I want you to see every Sinner, no matter how apparently bad or evil as a Potential Believer. See every Sinner as a Potential Believer”

“This will encourage you to talk to the Person, expecting Great Conversion. Welcome to another Month of Preaching the Gospel according to your Life. Don’t let anything take your Crown this Month”

“Be extra careful, the enemy is not sleeping over You, but He that is older than age shall give you commensurate Grace for Resounding Victories. You shall not be consumed by the Grace of God. Receive the Courage to say No, to anything unholy, anything that will dent your image before the Almighty God. Finally, I speak to you, this month will end in Praises”

“I appreciate you this Glorious day. I love you and Pray for You. His Grace shall cover you. His Courage shall be your background. We Glorify the name of the Lord”

“I hand you over to the trusted hands of the Almighty God. I love You. Amen. Chidi Okoroafor. General Superintendent. Assemblies of God Nigeria”


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