Why Many Online Media Practitioners Fail Within the First Six Months.



Online Publicity is gradually becoming the talk of the town Especially in this era of Competitive Social Media Presence.

Many Online Media Practitioners, Bloggers, Social Media Influencers fail within the First Six Months of venturing INTO Blogging of Social Media Presence not. Because they were never. Good writers but because the failed to understand that Publicity like Advertisement must be paid for by an Identified Sponsor.

Great Online Publicists, Bloggers who have carved a Niche for themselves from the Internet can attest that you Money to execute good Publicity.

Infact in this Era where THE Internet has taking. Over the Conventional Media Publicity, it won’t be out of place to say that only Organizations, Institutions that hates Growth hates Online Publicity.

Facebook alone has Categories of Budget you can make Daily, you can Spend N500 Per Day, 1000,5000,10,000,50,000,100,000 Perday depending on the amount of People you want to see what you are Publicizing.

Bloggers Like Linda Ikeji will not Charge you anything less than N300, 000 to place a Banner Or post on her Blog for just 24hours.

The First thing is to. BUILD your Brand, build your audience before clamoring to make Money from your Job.

It took me years to Announce my Appearance on the Internet, from 2008 I joined Facebook till 2012, all what I was doing was. Building Audience, Brands and Followership. Thank God I came across my Boss AFIKPO CHIC on Facebook whose presence adding spice to. Me Especially eschewing fears in the Discharge of Internet Duties.

In the Course EDITORIAL WRITING, our Lecturer back then at the Rivers State University told us there are type, but of interest to me is the ATTACK EDITORIAL which Journalists, Newspapers use to defend their Stand, I could recall in 2016 when an FCT high Court Judge gave an Order for. My arrest over a Publication I made on my Blog, I didn’t run away, rather I used the Attack Editorial on the Judge until she said she has forgiven me even without me asking her For Forgiveness.

Of course, not everyone nor every Computer Literate is Internet Literate and not every Internet Literate is Computer Literate, hence the need to explain to people in details about Online Publicity.

I do tell people Including my Family Members that I don’t do Free Publicity no matter who you are because I understand what it means to do Online Publicity.

Sometimes people call me and say”Please help me post this, and when I resort I won’t post it for free, some of them will be wondering why I rejected their plea” infact will tell you after all is not just to Post this thing on my Facebook account without recourse to the fact that Professional pay Facebook for any Job done.

Any Blogger, Social Media Influencer or Online Media Practitioner who can commands more than 50,000 Followers on the Internet cannot do Free Publicity no matter who is Involved.

Promise Uzoma Okoro, Editor In Chief PUO REPORTS wrote From Umuahia


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