Alex Otti And The Irony Of Ngwa High School As Venue For Declaration by Don Ubani

Dr Alex Otti


A cursory glance at Dr Alex Otti’s profile indicates that even though he finally obtained his West African Schools Certificate at Technical Secondary School in Isialangwa in 1988, he had his secondary education at Ngwa High School, Aba.

Reasons for his failure to successfully make his ordinary level papers at Ngwa High School are not contained in his profile. However, one may not be wrong to assume that Alex is an Old Boy of Ngwa High School.

For a man that had steadily risen to the top echelon of the Banking Industry in Nigeria, it would not be out of place to believe that God had, in several ways, shown His grace on Dr Otti.

The expectation of responsible parents had always been that their children, whom they had laboured to bring up, would show reciprocal love to them in their old age. This expectation can only be true where there is gratitude on the part of the child.

Gratitude is a quality of thankfulness. It is natural readiness in man to express appreciation and return kind gesture. It is, all the same, a simple quality that is not found in every person.

The School, especially the primary and secondary, plays very important roles in the overall development of the adolescent.

Higher Institutions focus more on intellectual cum professional development of man. But such development can only take place in a mind already nurtured in the foundation of the primary and secondary schools.

For a man who had gone through such basic levels of education and having made it in life, where there is gratitude, it would only be expected that the school he passed through would be remembered and appreciated.

One, at this juncture, may not forget what a contemporary of Dr Alex Otti, Mr Tony Elumelu, has painstakingly done and is still doing in order to advance the welfare of his people, through various empowerment initiatives.

Tomorrow, Friday 20th July, 2018, from radio announcements being aired on different media, the 2015 defeated governorship candidate of All Progressives Grand Alliance; Dr Alex Otti, will be declaring his intent to participate in the 2019 Abia governorship contest.

For whatever is his reason, Dr Otti choose Ngwa High School as his venue.

So far, the only show of appreciation Dr Otti would be displaying tomorrow for Ngwa High School that he passed through is the Big Podium he has paid to be mounted in the football field of the School.

It will, therefore, not be unlikely that tomorrow while standing on his gift of podium, which rather than add value to the infrastructural quality of his Alma mater would deface its environment through potholes, Dr Otti’s conscience, hoping he has, would be subjecting him to self examination. The most likely question would be, so you could come to this school, which you passed through but have deliberately refused to assist in any way, only for your selfish pursuit?

Don Ubani;KSC, JP, Okwubunka of Asa, is the State Publicity Secretary, PDP, Abia State


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