Maltese President receives Nigerian pop star Peter Okoye


Nigerian pop star and multi award-winning artist Peter  Okoye, a.ka. P Square or Mr. P, was the guest of Maltese President, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca at San Anton Palace at the weekend.

Peter went to visit the president of Malta in company of  the president of the Nigerian Maltese Association, Henry Ekezie.

According to a report by Times of Malta today,  Mr P shared his journey as an artist and entrepreneur, while the President spoke about how music connects people and is a universal language that unifies all.

Mr Ekezie pointed out the importance of organising more musical events to promote cultural diversity.

It was not clear whether the picture was a repost of the visit made by Peter  on 27 June, when he began a European tour.

This was what Peter posted then on Instagram:


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