A NEW Logo For The APC: From The Broom To The Cutlass

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The present defections show the depth of the debauchery privileged Nigerians who are politicians have fallen into, blinding their hangers on to celebrate their evil machinations as good acts. The entire blame for the present crisis in the APC and the bad governance of this government is squarely on President Muhammadu Buhari. He may have been under siege when he won his presidency.

He made the greatest mistake of his administration when he allowed Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to be “cut to size”, especially for being hypocritical with his nomination of the Asiwaju as his running mate in 2014. He forgot his history and he is now condemned to repeat it.

Mr President needs to be a little more serious this time with institutional governance, as Adams Oshiomole noted in his reprimand of Chris Ngige. He needs to understand how it was necessary for John Oyegun to use the broom during his tenure, though he did not sweep the house well because he was compromised, now that Bola Tinubu, through his “reconciliation”, has helped him with “dusting” the walls of the house, President Buhari must, of needs, consolidate these gains politically.

Adams Oshiomole, as he has shown capacity for, needs more than the broom to do his new job. He is not losing sleep about the opposition. He has the pedigree of taking power: so, sustaining power will never be his problem because he has done it before. Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has never lost grip of what he takes politically, he has taken power before, he has sustained power before and has the experience in power sustenance. Bola Tinubu has never been a political attachment, he is a master driver.

Some opine that President Buhari should have insisted on his nomination of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu as Vice President. To these ones, the victory of the APC in 2015 was about the need to terminate the injurious and abusive reign of impunity by the PDP, and Buhari, known for his characterization, became the symbol of that need. The APC broom was meant to sweep, and it did sweep out (of the house of “the ruling party” of) the leadership debris seen to hinder a sustained advance of the Nigerian project. Nevertheless, the house of “the ruling party” still has some more sweeping to be done to effect the “perfect sanitation”.

Cleaning the inside of a house includes “sweeping” the grounds and “dusting” the dirtss with the broom. What is today seen as a crisis in the APC is actually the “removing of cobwebs” around the house of “the ruling party”. Eyes are up when this is done, and particles of dirt get into people’s eyes. The defection of some members of the national assembly is as a result of the “dusting” job”.

It was necessary to “sweep out” the PDP from the house of “the ruling party”. and that was done with the Buhari presidency. The present “crisis” is from the “dusting off” of the nPDP cobwebs from the walls of the house of “the ruling party”: this has been achieved with the chairmanship of Adams Oshiomole: this is the reason for their defections – they are survivors, not heroes as they are pictured to be. Opinions must enjoy concrete pedestal for propagation.

The “Jonahic” generations in Nigeria that hindered the progressive advance of the tenants of the house of “the ruling party” have now been cleared. They were cobwebs within. This cleaning is healthy for the ruling party. It matters so much that the APC is the ruling in the renewed advance of the Nigerian project. There is always the need to sustain the environmental health of the inside of a house, by the proper and consequential handling of the surroundings of the house. It is therefore incumbent on the ruling party, after a successful ridding of the rubbishes inside the house of “the ruling party”, to commence the clearing and weeding out of the “bushes” around the house of “the ruling party”,

The party is hereby advised accordingly, to begin the clearing of the outside and surroundings of the house of “the ruling party”, clearing off every debris that is injurious to personal and public health. It is for the reason of pointing out this very important need of the ruling party, to change logo, that this article targets. If the PDP has changed name to CUPP, it is now incumbent for the APC to also change logo to a cutlass. This will be how both houses of the national assembly will be made to behave well as we approach the 2019 general elections.

There are things violent men receive by force, and nobody can be blamed for the forceful enforcement of law and order, where it appears reasons for civility fails. Nigeria cannot afford anarchy and Mr President can be impeached, but there is no anywhere under our laws that the impeachment of the Commander in Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces is highlighted.

Take good note therefore that it is possible for Mr President to suspend his presidency and all other democratic structures, and take up the powers of the Commander in Chief, using the police as governors for 6 months, to conduct fresh elections to return to democratic governance in the country. He cannot overthrow himself, because no law says he can do so. It is very legal to apply such decisions to cut down anarchy. I so move!

Ini Akpan Morgan a Columnist with PUO REPORTS wrote  from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

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