Igbos will continue to wander in the wilderness if they do not support Buhari in 2019 – Actor, Kenneth Okonkwo

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Nollywood Actor and legal practitioner, Dr. Kenneth Okonkwo, has revealed what will happen if the people of the South East region fail to support President Muhammadu Buhari’s second term bid.

According to the veteran actor, who is also eyeing the governorship position of Enugu State, the Igbos will continue to wander in the wilderness if they turn their backs against Buhari in 2019.

Speaking at a political gathering in Enugu, the actor cum politician asked Nigerians to file behind President Buhari in the coming election.

He particularly asked people of the South East to support Buhari because if they don’t, they would wander in the wilderness for the next eight years:

”If the South East shall support any other person for the presidency, they are going to spend the next eight years in the wilderness.

“It has been agreed that it is their turn after President Buhari. Our slogan is Ndigbo for President Buhari 2019 and then President Buhari for Ndigbo 2023,” he said.

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