Uche Ogah’s Aide Demain Igbokwe Vows to Kill Blogger PUO



Mr Demian Igbokwe an aide to Dr Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah this morning Attacked Popular News Blogger Promise Uzoma Okoro at Grandslam Hotels Umuahia where Uche Ogah Lodged.


Narrating his Ordeal PUO said he Narrowly Escaped Lynching by Thugs working with Dr Uche Ogah who were Preparing for the Abia APC Primaries this Morning.

“Igbokwe a Serial Propagandist who derives Joy in Insulting Politicians got angry that I have Refused to Work for Uche Ogah despite the Monetary Offers.!”

“This Morning Demain said he will arrest Me, Harm Me and Nothing will Happen”

“I narrowly Escaped from the Hotel when I saw Several Suspected Thugs who are preparing for Uche Ogahs Primary Election”

The Blogger said Mr Demain Should be Held Responsible if any harm befall him Henceforth .

“Let the General Public take Note that Henceforth anything that Happens to me, Demain Igbokwe is Responsible”

“There are Courts to go if Uche Ogah Felt I Blackmailed him than Resorting to take Laws into his Hands”


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