2019: Our Journey Is a Journey To Rivers Government House,Says Abe

Senator Abe in Bori Yesterday

Senator Representing Rivers South East Senatorial District at the National Assembly Senator Magnus Ngei Abe said the Political Journey he embarked upon is a journey to the Rivers State Government House in 2019.

Senator Abe who had been having a running battle with the Embattled Minister of Transportation Mr Chibuike Amaechi over his 2019 Governorship ambition said no amount of attack and threats will stop a man whose time has come.

The Senator who spoke on Saturday in Bori urged his Supporters to remain calm but resist any form of intimidation from any quaters.

”Our journey is a journey to the Bricks House of Rivers State. No amount of guns, no amount of intimidation will stop us from what we are doing. So don’t respond to frustrated people”.

”When they shoot at you, dodge, but we must make sure that we have people around who will make it impossible for them to shoot at you”.

”So the day we will open the office, I don’t want to announce it here because I have to meet with the party Chairman and find out from him”.

The party Chairman is Chief Odike. The day he will open the office, I will be there. Will you be there? Will you be there? So we will be there!

”Those people who think that they can intimidate us, they make me laugh. If they know how determined we are, if they know how committed we are, if they know how much we are prepared for this journey, they will not even bother. They will not even bother!



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