Dj Cuppy And Her Boyfriend Asa Asika Share A Kiss On His Birthday


DJ Cuppy was recently spotted celebrating her boyfriend Asa Asika’s birthday in a unique way –

She and Asa were seen kissing each other while they ate a plate of spaghetti – Both looked very comfortable in each other’s company

It is no longer news that billionaire daughter Florence Otedola aka DJ Cuppy is in a relationship with Davido’s manager Asa Asika. Asa recently celebrated his birthday and his girlfriend treated him to a sumptuous meal.

However, it is what they did while eating the meal that raised eyebrows. Cuppy and her man both shared a strand of spaghetti, eating it until their lips met in the middle resulting in a kiss.

She captioned the photo #Pluppy a hashtag coined from their nick names Cuppy and the Plug.

The inspiration for their kiss was gotten from a popular movie titled Lady and the Tramp released in 1955. The film is a canine love story about two dogs from very different worlds who are united by dire circumstances and a romantic plate of spaghetti and meatballs.

This is coming as Cuppy spoke on how long she and Asa have been dating each other. She revealed they have been together since 2011. Asa recently shared a photo of him with bushy hair and captioned it: “Yo, all of you that claim to be my friends are all twats! I can’t believe you lot made me think my hair was cool back then in 2011.″ DJ Cuppy replied immediately in a deleted comment that: “Wait, how did I allow you have this hair as your babe in 2011.”






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