Borno Denies Boko Haram Attack On Alau Dam


Borno State Governor, Kashim Shettima says the destruction on Alau dam close to Maiduguri has nothing to do with any Boko Haram attack or sabotage.

On his official Facebook and Twitter handles he said he took an inspection visits to villages of Alau and Wadai to get first hand information of what happened at the water facility.

According to the post, his finding which was conducted in company of the GOC 7 Div, Nigeria Army Maiduguri revealed that one of the three dykes of the dam was washed away leaving only two functional.

The findings also established that the damage was caused as a result of lack of maintenance of the facility over a long period of time.

The Twitter and Facebook reads in full:

Governor Kashim Shettima earlier today was in Alau and Wadia village to ascertain what happened as a result of high speculations that the armed insurgents might be responsible for destructions at Alau dam.

One of the three dykes of the Alau Dam in Maiduguri, Borno state has been washed away, leaving only two functional.

Villagers raised the alarm last night when unusual flooding occured, with high speculations that the armed militants might be responsible for the damage.

It was however established after a guided tour by the State Governor Kashim Shettima, the GOC Division, and other government officials that the damage was caused by a lack of maintenance.

Engineer Babagana Yuroma, Executive Director, Engineering Chad Basin Development Authority said the activities of the insurgents around Alau village has made it impossible for maintenance to be carried out on the dykes hence the sudden lapse.

Governor Shettima explained that contrary to speculations of insurgents destroying the embankments, it was due to lack of maintenance, assuring that the management of the Chad Basin authority and Ministry of Water Resources will immediately swing into action for repairs and remedial actions.

“Our findings reveal that one of the embankments got washed away, embankments that require regular maintenance; contrary to speculations in the town that the insurgents attacked one of the dykes, No. The GOC was there early this morning, he accessed it and he has pictures of what happened at that particular embankment and in partnership with the Chad basin and rural basin authority we are here with the management, we are going to take remedial measures to address the situation.

Ten days ago they opened some of the dykes to decongest the dam to deflate the water level so I believe there is no cause for alarm once the issue of the embankment is adressed; and we are going to do so immediately we are going to support the management of the Chad basin and the GOC has promised to give robust security back up for them to carry out the remedial work.” he said.

In 1994, persistent rain fall had bursted the dam which led to flood in many towns in northeast Nigeria and nearby Cameroon republic.

The dam is barely twenty kilometres to Maiduguri, the capital city of Borno state.

Meanwhile, NEMA yesterday alleged that the destruction may be an act of sabotage by Boko Haram insurgents.

The North East Zonal Coordinator of NEMA, Bashir idris Garga said the official Facebook page of the agency said:

“Following a distressed call on alleged vandalization of one of the Alau dam pipe, an emergency response team which comprises NEMA and SEMA embarked on an on-the-spot assessment to ascertain the situation. though the ERT could not gain access to where the incident occured.

“Based on the information gathered on the field, it was one of the dyke close to one of the deserted communities, Bale kayamla, that was washed away creating no threat to other communities.

“The Alau Dam bursts is suspected to be the handiwork of sabotage by insurgents as they were suspected to have destroyed the embarkments meant to control the over flow.

“Members of communities in the area have been urged to be vigilant and be on alert”.

Source: The Nation


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