Yvonne Nelson Depressed As Oyinbo Baby Daddy Jamie Roberts Refuses To Marry Her


Yvonne Nelson Under Stress As Irish British Baby Daddy Jamie Roberts Refuse To Marry Her

Ghallywood actress Yvonne Nelson is now living in secrecy over fear of being ridiculed by her fellow Ghanaians after she made what many called the biggest mistake of her life.

The actress allegedly broke a marriage when she got involved in a secret romance with a married photographer, Irish-British Jamie Roberts, who at that time was married to a Nigerian model in London.

According to the reports we gathered, Yvonne Nelson was forcing the father of her daughter Ryn Roberts to marry her in a grand white wedding marriage.

But the man not being ready for such commitment abandoned her and ran back to his children in the UK before returning months later to see his daughter.

Although Yvonne and Roberts both rubbished reports that they have broken up, close sources to Yvonne said all is not well with their relationship as Jamie Roberts now shuttles between Accra and London at will.

In a recent tweet, the actress whirled up our minds as to whether the two have broken up but are refusing to make it clear for fear of ridicule.

As troubled as their relationship is, no one can deny the fact that they are blessed with a beautiful daughter,Ryn Roberts.

Yvonne Nelson was last seen in public during the wedding ceremony of Ghanaian singer Becca and her Nigerian fiancee, Tobi Sanni in Accra Ghana on Saturday the 18th of August 2018.


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