APGA Factions Clash In Abia


Factions of the All Progressives Congress Alliance(APGA clashed in Abia State over the Control of the Party Structures ahead of the 2019 General Elections in the State

But for quick intervention of security agencies, a factional crisis of apga in abia State, would culminated into a breakdown of law and order in Obikabia area of Aba.

A faction of apga had planned political rally without the approval of the police and other relevant agencies at a public school around obikabia, along Ururuka road.

A tip-off went to the chairman of Obingwa lga, Abacha, that another group of apga were grouping at water area of Aba to attack the faction if they gather for their meeting, as the chief security officer of the lga, who was not aware of any such gathering, he quickly contacted police in Obingwa, and was told that even the police was not aware of the gathering.

To ensure maintenance of law and order, he called on the police and other security agencies within the area to do everything within the ambit of the law to ensure there is no crisis.

The quick arrival of police at the venue were members of both factions of the party were gathering, calm the tensed environment, as police disperse both factions and ensure that the unauthorized rally didn’t hold.

Dr Alex Otti and Chief Chikwe Udensi are laying claims to the Control of the Party Structures in the State which has Resulted into Holding Parallel Declaration Rallies.


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