Linda Ikeji- Regret Not Giving Men Chance And Getting Pregnant When I Was Younger


Wish I were younger…would get pregnant every year for the next four years back to back! Lol. It’s been such an amazing experience so far.

#Joy! – Those were the touching words of Nigerian female blogger Linda Ikeji who is currently pregnant with her first child for an Itsekiri businessman who is very close to the current petroleum minister and ofcourse has sufficient access to the country’s looted funds. I believe this is a clear sign of warning for younger women who claim to be feminists when things are not quite going their way and then turn back to regular loving women when they manage to find a rich politician who steals the country’s money to fund their dangerously greedy and selfish ambitions. We are very happy for Linda Ikeji on realizing the mistakes she made when she was younger


Source: Gistmania


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