There’s a conspiracy by the APC to put Ogoni people in Political Wilderness for Seventy-Something Years – Peter Medee


The President General of the elitist social Cultural group of the Ogoni people KAGOTE, Dr Peter Medee has said that it’s the turn of the Rivers South East, especially the Ogoni people to produce the next Governor of Rivers State.

He said those drumming support for a Riverine Governor are being selfish, adding that it’s important for power to rotate for equity and fairness.

“Why should we go back to Riverine/Upland now, and why are the people who have benefited by upturning the Riverine/upland situation becoming an apostle, becoming born again, becoming believers now of Riverine/Upland?.
Because they have benefited, and it shouldn’t be so.

“You cannot change the goal post when you want to benefit after you score, you return the goal post when somebody wants to score.

“If you talk about Rivers South East, there are very sound people that have all it takes to be Governor of Rivers State. So why don’t we allow them to bring those who are very sound, those who are very capable to be able to do the job?

“When you decided to murder peace, then you’re creating a scenario for violence to be inevitable.”

The President General also said that for the sake of fairness and logic, Ogonis should be allowed to produce the next Governor of Rivers State.

“You will say it’s parochial now because you are no longer benefiting. When you were benefiting why was it not parochial then, why was it not crude then?.

“Now if you look at the narrative you have brought out, you will see that there is rightly a tribe that is completely shortchanged.

“For 50 years, no Ogoni man has been speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly, no Ogoni man has been a Chief Judge of Rivers State, no Ogoni man has been a deputy Governor in Rivers State, and no Ogoni man has been Governor.

“So what is more parochial, what is more unjust, what is cruder than shortchanging a whole tribe?

“KAGOTE is now vindicated because before now, in March, we raised an alarm that there is a conspiracy by the leadership of APC against the Ogoni people to put us in a political wilderness for Seventy-something years.”


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