How Solomon Adaelu Brought Thugs To Disrupt PDP Primaries after Loosing

Hon Solomon Adaelu


Onyebuchi Ememanka (Ururuaja) wrote;


Ladies and gentlemen, my dear friends,

Let me apologize for the silence since last night. We have been working round the clock to ensure that the machinations of those who want to subvert the wishes of our people do not work.

From Ngwa High School yesterday, I left for Umuahia and I am still there as I type this. I didn’t go with my chargers and all my appliances died off last night, keeping me incommunicado.

We are fighting this battle with every single breath in us.

The leadership of our party has received reports from the panel that conducted the elections and the reports have been transmitted to the national headquarters of our party.

What took place yesterday was a free, fair and credible process. The team that conducted the election did a fantastic job and I am proud of them. I doff my hat for our party for insisting that the right thing be done.

From accreditation to voting and to sorting, it was a perfect exercise to which even the agents of the aspirants agreed.

After the sorting, I was in a commanding lead. The votes of the two aspirants were separated and kept in two different areas of the floor. Five votes were voided. I was there in person and I am giving an eye witness account. The good Lord will bear me witness.

When they saw that we had an unassailable lead, then the games started. What I saw yesterday is something I cannot even describe in words.

Aided by some big politicians in Osisioma, touts broke into the classroom where counting was taking place and scattered the votes. The security men and the election team did their best to secure the votes. Another group of hoodlums snatched the ballot box, ran away and poured the contents into a pool of water inside the premises.

Then they came after me, demanding that I surrender my iPad to them. I took pictures. They assaulted me physically and did everything to overpower me. The guys who did it are all from Osisioma and are my brothers. I know each of them. With the help of my own guys, I managed to get out my iPad and ran with it to meet soldiers. I handed the iPad over to them for safe keeping.

Their next plan was to attack the team that came to conduct the elections. I got wind of the plans to burn their bus and destroy whatever was left of the election materials. I advised the team not to leave the premises. I told them they would get killed if they do. Luckily, they listened to me and drove back inside towards the military area, where I stayed with them until we called for and got security back up that escorted us all to Umuahia.

The story is long. But please note that Ururuaja will, under no circumstances, surrender this mandate. My resolve is irrevocable.

Our people are resolute. Ururuaja is even more resolute.

We shall overcome.

Believe me.


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