Photos of Pipeline Explosion and Fire Outbreak in Osisioma Abia


The entire Osisioma Ngwa Community was rudely awoken in the early hours of today, Friday 12th October, at about 1am by a fire accident / pipeline explosion that simultaneously happened at Umuimo and Umuaduru villages.
As at the time of making this report, over 56 persons have been confirmed dead. While about 100 other victims are receiving treatments with only very slim chances of survival, as the injuries are too severe. Properties with value ranging in millions were lost.
The outbreak is as a result of the leakages on the pipeline. The lines have been faulty for some years back, and several calls have been made to the NNPC for due maintenance and repairs ,by the communities and Local Government authority, but they heeded none. Still aware of the unrepaired damages, the NNPC pumped products through the line which has been out of use. And failed to take appropriate measures to keep the public safe.
While we cannot absolve some of the victims of their own errors, or dismiss the possible fact that many of them went to scoop the gushing products, we emphatically state that there was no case of vandalism on the pipeline.

The number of casualties at the Umuimo scene is comparatively low for the reason that the men of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps was on ground to keep people away from the location, but failed to replicate same actions at the Umuaduru site where the number of casualties is outrageous.

We mourn heavily for the souls of our departed, and grieve deeply for the pains of those who are still alive in pains.
The public will be notified on our next line of action. We are currently in consultations with our members and relevant stakeholders
We admonish all to be calm even in our grief, and take all necessary steps to stay safe.


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