Ochiagha Ebere Uzoukwa And Paddy Anyatonwu …A Two Different Scenarios



Precisely a week ago, I declared officially for APGA in Ward 9, Obingwa LGA. The brief ceremony took place at my Ezido Na Ife Village in Amaise Umuokereke-Ngwa. My foray into APGA was well-thought-out as it aligns expressly with my reinvented disposition to offer maximum support to Dr. Alex Otti, the party’s gubernatorial candidate and other candidates vying for different elective positions in Abia.

As a media practitioner and grassroots politician, I carefully packaged my movement in a strategic manner; adopting an interactive communication model that unveiled my action and reviewed my past. An articulated press statement was formally adopted as text of press conference and was duly issued to the media moment after the event heralding my registration as an APGA member.

Within the period I disengaged with the APC as a result of the way the party is run in Obingwa vis-a-vis the greedy and unbearable self-serving attitude of some its leaders, there was an understanding and agreement that could have motivated my return back to the PDP; the party I joined at its formative stage in 1998 shortly after I finished my studies at Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra State.

That period of romance, as I have decided to put it, truly offered me another golden opportunity to study, test certain hypothesis in respect to the personality and character of my brother and governor of Abia State, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu. Owing to my observation and findings, I will only say that we have myriads of problems bedeviling us as Ndi Obingwa, Ndi Ukwa-Ngwa and Ndi Abia. The nitty gritty of my observation and findings which are indisputable having been ascertained empirically, will definitely form an interesting story for another day.

However, the unexpected exit of my dear brother, friend and colleague, Paddy Anyatonwu, was never a surprise to me. Why? The answer is simple. Ochiagha Ebere Uzoukwa is aware that Paddy was poached by the agents of Abia State government. I took Paddy in confidence and disclosed to him all that transpired in my own case. At a time, Paddy offered me an unsolicited but useful advice upon which I regained my sense of reasoning. He alerted me on the excruciating dangers of succumbing to the antics of the government and our brother, Dr. Ikpeazu. Without any iota of prejudice, I and Paddy mutually shared information in confidence not only as brothers but as colleagues and good friends.

To be candid, Paddy, my brother and friend has every right as enunciated in our constitution to quit, join and even rejoin any group, association or political platform. His decision to quit APGA and Dr. Otti’s camp should be respected as it is his fundamental and inalienable right. He is a good fellow. He is equally qualified to mount the position for which he is appointed. I wish him success with every sense of sincerity and open-mindedness.

For me, I don’t need to repeat anything. Rather, I will add that I have found that Political Leader that I have been searching for. He is Dr. Alexander Chioma Otti. He is my ideal leader. We have mutual respect for each other. He values me same way I have valued him. He is an embodiment of knowledge with an enviable record of success worthy of emulation. He is passionate about the welfare and well-being of Ndi Abia. Dr. Otti is also loved by Ndi Abia.

But, suffice it to say that my ears, since I took this bold step, have been inundated with side talks, verbal attacks and threats. Some say that Ochiagha Ebere Uzoukwa is unstable. Others say that I play politics of ‘stomach infrastructure’. Well, everybody has right to form opinion on issues that relate to me either negatively or otherwise. I sincerely welcome all criticisms and felicitations in good faith.

However, I will use this medium to explain that Ochiagha Ebere Uzoukwa is not unstable, neither does he play that politics of ‘stomach infrastructure’. What I have discovered is a despicable ploy to rubbish, denigrate and reduce me to nothing by some of my Obingwa brothers who are probably uncomfortable with the degree of influence I command. I have heard some of them saying that I am too difficult to control. Others accuse me of disloyalty. One thing I know for sure is that these lies and campaign of calumny are orchestrated to malign and tarnish my reputation. I will therefore at this point refer these people to God. Jehovah will surely judge all of us.

When I was lured to Ikpeazu’s Okezuo Abia in 2014, I made a sacrifice that still pain me anytime I remember it. Beside putting everything I had as savings and flogging my vehicle to a total breakdown, I rejected an appointment offered me by Capt. Emmanuel Iheanacho, as Director of Media in his 2015 campaign organization. Anybody that knows how wealthy the Chairman/CEO Integrated Oil Gas, Genesis Shipping Company, Eko Refinery & Petrochemical Ltd, Genesis Aviation Ltd and the 2015 Imo APGA Governorship candidate is, will know the implications of rejecting such a juicy appointment. Though he didn’t win, my friend, Barr. Emperor Iwuala, who was later handed over the job smiled back home after the 2015 elections. Neither Okezuo Abia nor Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu paid my bills while the campaigns lasted. I footed my hotel bills, fuel my personal car which I used throughout that period. Today, I am called names simply because of my declaration to work on the side of Dr. Otti. That’s balderdash.

I have always carried myself with dignity. My in-adaptability to the politics of praise-singing and sycophancy that have enslaved and relegated many young men to the background; a deceptive political system that reigns in Obingwa appears to be my albatross. If this assumption is true, then, Ochiagha Ebere Uzoukwa owes nobody any apology. I will remain bold, outspoken and action-driven. I will give everything within my powers and capacity to ensure that Abia is liberated. I will demonstrate support and loyalty to Dr. Alex Otti at 100% while joining other progressives and well-meaning Abians to ensure that the Egyptians we see today, we shall no more. I will ultimately discharge my duties with effectiveness and utmost diligence as a media and public relations expert as well as grassroots mobilizer and political strategist both in Obingwa and Abia. We shall show resilience in our avowed determination to ensure that Abia is set free in 2019.

That’s my solemn pledge to Ndi Abia!

Thanks and remain blessed.

Ochiagha Ebere Uzoukwa


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