Abia Deputy Governor’s Security Details Teargas Nkporo People for Promoting APC

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Since the defection of members of the coalition of All Political Parties in Nkporo under the aegis of Nkporo Political Stakeholders Forum to APC on Friday 26th October 2018, the hitherto and purportedly calm Nkporo polity started a political transformational Change that has quickly rose to a tsunami threshold and feverish crescendo.

The center can no longer hold.
Following this defection, the Abia Deputy Governor RT Hon Ude Oko Chukwu has almost relocated to his Nkporo residence as a desperate and cheap strategy to save whatever that is left of his dwelling relevance.

In a space of Three weeks, the frequency of his interventionist political activities in Nkporo appeared more magical than real.
He has visited the EZEAJA of Nkporo twice within this period. These have also been the only visits or meetings with the Paramount Ruler in his 7 yr reign. The Deputy Governor had offered himself as an unexpected guest to Ukwa , Okwoko , Amurie, Obuofia in addition to Elughu Nkporo communities in a helpless struggle to regain grounds lost to APC.

It was the height of it Yesterday Thursday 15th Nov 2018 the visit to Agbaja Nkporo the home/ community of the former ABROMA GM was planned in advance. Notices and invitations were given and extended to PDP members across the entire Nkporo community to witness and participate in a rally meant to undermine the political relevance of the former ABROMA GM.

This conspiracy regrettably flopped over the determination of the vast majority of the Agbaja Nkporo people to resist the evil political intentions of the Deputy governor and his co travelers. Not long after his arrival, the people who had gathered in their numbers started Singing and chanting Pro APC songs and slogans.

The song ‘APC Ugbo n’aga aga” rented the air and rendered the presence of the deputy governor null , void and of no effect or impact.

It ended on a sad note following a chaotic dispersal of those promoters of APC as the Deputy Governor resorted to unleash lethal substances suspected to be Tear gas cannisters on harmless supporters and members of APC in Agbaja Nkporo.
The Deputy Governor abandoned the rally and left in utter disappoint.

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