In this Month Of December, The Lord Shall Bless You with Zero Hour Miracle – Chidi Okoroafor


The General Superintendent Of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor in this New Month Of December 2018 have declared a Zero Hour Miracle to all.

Below is the Message 

I glorify our Heavenly Father and Welcome you to this very 12th and last Month of year 2018,I have the following Prayers for you…The Lord shall bless you with a Zero hour Miracle and Testimony,He shall give you a Special Protection and Coverage this Month of December you are under the Cover,Yes Under the Cover,Yes You are Under the Cover and Convenant of exemption.

No Environment Shall Swallow you, Spiritually Physically and Materially you shall Round up this year in Praises with a Special Thanksgiving ,He Shall Prepare you for a Glorious New Year,You shall
harness the Treasure of his Birth,Death and Ressurection of our Lord Jesus Christ In all aspects of your Life.

Remain Rapturable 24hours,7Days A Week
God bless you abundantly ,Yes Welcome and Welcome and Welcome December 2018,We Love you and We are Praying for you,You are Secured in the hollow of his great Hands,No Evil shall befall You.

The Glory of the Lord shall be Your Cover.

God bless you Abundantly,

I am Your Brother Chidi Okoroafor, General Superintendent ,Assemblies Of God Nigeria.


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