Obasanjo, A Passionate Man Without Passion… By Ubong Essien


Obasanjo who claims to be a farmer couldn’t help the country to diversify to agriculture when he had an opportunity as the President of this country. One would have thought that a man who is into agriculture would be passionate about his area of interest.

In the late 70’s and early 80’s when former President Obasanjo was the military head of state, he brought a program called “operation feed the Nation.” ¬†Instead of the nation experiencing Agricultural revolution, Obasanjo Farm was given birth to. Instead of the country thriving agriculturally, Obasanjo Farm surfaced and in a very big way. Guess what happened. Nigeria was sapped, while Obasanjo’s personal business thrived. His coast became enlarged.

Along the line after his reign, he never minded how he rubbed the country, he started criticizing successive governments of Buhari, IBB and Abacha. In his usual ways, he wrote so many letters in critic of those regimes. Luck disappointed him when he went troubling the late Abacha with his characterized letters and criticism. Obasanjo was arrested, charged for treason, and jailed over months. In the prison, most of his businesses collapsed and Obasanjo was broke.

After the death of late Abacha, and upon his release from detention, the bankrupt Obasanjo was valued at N20,000 physical cash in his bank account.

But sooner was he compensated for Abiola’s failed mandate and he became President, every dry bones in Obasanjo rose again. This time, Prophet Ezekiel wasn’t there to prophecy to the dry bones. It was the Nigerian money; the public funds that gave life back to Obasanjo. Hmmmm, the dry bones became lively.

What a man without integrity! Obasanjo farm is now a major force in the Agricultural sector in Nigeria. What a passion! Passionate when it has to do with himself, but impassionate when the nation is involved. Otherwise, with his passion for agriculture and given the opportunity as the President of this country then, his passion would have been converted to Agricultural revolution for Nigeria.

They say that birds of the same feather flock together. Perhaps, that is why Obasanjo is now flocking with Atiku Abubakar. They seem to be of same character.

Atiku is an entrepreneur. He is said to be having businesses here and there. Like Obasanjo, he is most interested in himself and with himself. Like Obasanjo, he is interested in Nigeria and the lucrative opportunities abound therein. Like Obasanjo, I don’t see Atiku converting his entrepreneurial dexterity into nation/economic building. They have only mastered passion for themselves. But we cannot entrust the nation/economic to self aggrandized individuals who are passionate but impassionate.


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