Ungrateful Solomon Adaelu

Solomon Adaelu
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The Lawmaker Representing Obingwa/Ugwunagbo/Osisioma  Federal Constituency Hon Solomon Adaelu from day one never hid his ungratefulness to critical stakeholders and powers that made him win election in 2015.

Few Months after emerging as the Lawmaker Representing the people of Obingwa/Ugwunagbo/Osisioma Federal Constituency,Adaelu started competing with the Governor of Abia State in terms of empowerment and human capital development.

Suffice it to say that Adaelu does not know the difference between being a Lawmaker and Executive Governor of a State.

All What Adaelu is today can be attributed to the Respect people have for his Father Elder Emmanuel Adaelu who was one of those that advocated for an Ngwa Man to taste the Governorship seat of Abia State.

Prior to the Primaries of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) in Abia State,his Constituents were first to reject him,followed by the Obioma Ngwa Stakeholders,because Adaelu is known as a politician that lacks respect for elders.

Despite his Insult and abuse to the Governor of Abia State Dr Okezie Ikpeazu,the governor in his magnanimity played a role before Solomon Adaelu could win the controversial Obingwa/Ugwunagbo/Osisioma Federal Constituency Peoples Democratic Party Primaries in October 2018.

For me,Adaelu is parading a stolen ticket because during the Primaries of the Peoples Democratic Party, which was holding in a free and fair process before it was botched,Adaelu  clearly lost the ticket because he had been rejected at the ballot by Leaders of the PDP in his Constituency.

One would have thought that Solomon Adaelu would at least show small gratitude to the powers that intervened to remove shame from him in October,alas the chameleon came again last sunday to cause disaffection in the polity even when he is not yet sure of going back to the National Assembly by 2019.

Solomon Adaelu has told his followers clearly that he is not working for the re-election of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu,rather working for the opposition because of his selfish ambition.

Adaelu does not have electoral value in Osisioma,my simple advice for him is to prepare and go to the polls,what happened in 2015 when people were asked not to challenge him won’t happen in 2019 because he will go to the poll.





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