Don’t Mind the Fake Alarm by Nwaogu, go get your GEEP Loan Form – Demain Igbokwe urge Abians

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Just because it’s fast declining from business as usual in Abia State, the men responsible for this decay are jittery.

From my findings, the Abia State government has overtime taken glory for APC FG projects/programs.

In other programs that involves fund disbursement such as interest free soft loans and grants from the FG, the Abia PDP syndicates has never made it known to the good people of Abia. What they normally do is pick their family members and cronies, fill the necessary documents and sweep away the funds.

Thanks for Abia APC for raising the bar for the emergence of their nightmare.
The voting in of Dr. *Uche Ogah* as the party gubernatorial candidate is there biggest nightmare.

The soft loans for small business men/women has been on going since 2015 but the Abia PDP led government has always played game on it.

Dr. *Uche Ogah* opened their cans of worms 🐛 by letting the good people of Abia know about the dividends of good governance of APC.

I urge the good people of Abia to continue to pick,fill and submit the *GEEP* form for the FG free interest soft loan. It’s for all Abians.

Go to *USO* campaign office in Umuahia by tomorrow and get yours. You can get them ready and submit within the week.

Tell ndi yardi unu, the good work of APC!

*Abia 2019!*

*APC all the way!*

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