Father Mbaka: Your Prophecies are not God’s prophecy By Chukwudi Ogbu


This Father Mbaka know how to be on the news always. Perhaps he his a little bit of a celebrity priest. In his bazaar donation last month, he reminded us of how he made some prophecy in the eve of 2015. He told us that God had rejected Jonathan and that he would not win the 2015 election. He told us that God had rejected Jonathan and his offerings. The election came. Jonathan lost. His prophecy somehow came to pass.

Jonathan’s loss had already been foreseen by my grandmother. So Mbaka’s prophecy didn’t come as a surprise to me.
Bear with me, we are going somewhere.

Still in the spirit of his bazaar donation late last year, 2018, different calibers of politicians were on deck. From Peter Obi to Umar Ganduje and the rest of them. Mbaka accused Peter Obi of being stingy. He tried to force words and figures into Obi’s mouth. He jibed and gnawed. But Obi deterred. He told Mbaka he would see him for a tête-à-tête. Mbaka became very furious. We all saw the clip.

Mbaka, on that very spot, that day, told Nigerians that he would prophesy on the 31st December 2018. He told us to watch out for his prophecy. He kept on emphasizing on the word prophecy, and kept shouting ontop of his voice like one of the Pentecostal pastors doing deliverance on his possessed member in Asaba, because Obi had refused to dole out money in public. He said Obi came to campaign in his church without any gift from Atiku. That angered him more. So he said we should watch out for his new year’s eve message. Sorry, I mean his new year’s eve prophecy.

So we waited patiently till the time came finally. Father Mbaka has spoken. Once have we heard. Mbaka claims himself to be the biblical Samuel who was a Judge, prophet and priest who anointed Saul to become King of Israel. So he thinks he can anoit whom becomes the next president of Nigeria. But who on this earth wait for a particular time to tell the world the prophecy that had been given to him by God, most especially when such person claimed to be a man of God?

In the days of prophet Elijah, they never waited for a particular day before they proved to Baal that fire can come down from heaven. So why has Mbaka kept his prophecy for such a long time?

He said President Buhari will win the February presidential election. He wants us to believe him. He has no concrete submission. His reason is that, among all the Presidential aspirants, Buhari stands in best position of winning the presidential election. He also said that three years cannot be compared to sixteen years. I had opportunity to travel to my home state in Enugu during the Yuletide period. And I passed through the Onitsha/Enugu expressway. I saw for myself what Mbaka has called a pass mark for the Buhari administration and also a need to vote him again. Let’s not talk about the second Niger bridge construction which Buhari is using as an avenue to buy votes from the Igbos. Buhari must check out this year.

In the early months of 2018, Mbaka made a prophecy that Governor Ibrahim Dankwambo of Gombe state will become Nigeria’s next president. And that God had rejected Buhari and his cohorts. He told Buhari not to seek a second term and that he should take the mandela option or be disgraced. The God I know is not an author of confusion. So how can Mbaka be having different tongues? Or is it the his own God is an author of confusion?

I have stopped wondering what has become of the good old Mbaka we use to know. So am now thinking what has Ganduje and Buhari promised Mbaka that day on the adoration ground that is making him behave this way like a child whom has been promised a bicycle by his mother if his comes out first position in his class. Since Ganduje entered into the adoration ground with his babaringa, the tale has changed.

Mbaka’s prophecies are no prophecy from God. They are prophecy of selfish interest and deep pockets. Because no God, not even Amadioha will want or endorse Buhari to return back to power in February.

Chukwudi Ogbu writes from Asaba
Via chukwudiogbu12@gmail.com


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