Court Refuses to Vacate Judgement on Abia APC Debacle


The Federal High Court domiciled at the Federal Capital Territory in Abuja, Nigeria, has this day refused the plea of Uche Ogah, The All Progressives Congress and INEC to stay the execution of the Court’s judgement of 29th November 2018 recognising High Chief Sir Ikechi Emenike as the lawful and authentic candidate of APC in Abia State for the 2019 governorship election in Abia State and Dr Emmanuel Aguzie Ndukwe, Chudi Avajah.with their executives as the authentic executives of APC in Abia State.

The Court affirmed that the judgement is valid until set aside by a superior court (Court of Appeal).

The judge further wondered why the APC and INEC is hesitant in allowing the Plaintiff and Candidate of APC in Abia State, High Chief Sir Ikechi Emenike to reap the benefit if a lawful judgement of the court of competent Jurisdiction in Nigeria, a supposed Democratic state. The court further directed both INEC and APC to immediately give effect to the Judgement without further delay! entered today Thursday 17/01/2019 under Her Lordship Justice N.K. Ogbonna.


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