Arochukwu LGA Vice Chairman of APGA,Supporters Defect to PDP



The Chairman of the Peoples Democratic party (PDP) in Arochukwu LGA, Hon. Anthony Nwankwo has welcomed the vice Chairman of the all progressive grand alliance (APGA) in to the PDP.

Speaking at Ndi Ebe Abam during the general meeting of Ohafor Abam ward 2 PDP meeting, the Chairman of PDP in Arochukwu LGA, Hon. Anthony Nwankwo thanked the former vice Chairman of APGA and his supporters for choosing to dump APGA for the PDP and promised a level playing ground for all of them.
Hon. Anthony Nwankwo maintained that PDP still remain the only true national party in Nigeria that has the interest of the people at heart unlike the APC that has brought hardship, killing of innocent people and nepotism, Hon. Nwankwo asked the people to compare the present government of APC and that of the PDP and advised them to support and vote for all the PDP candidates.

Speaking on behalf of other decampees, the vice Chairman of APGA in Arochukwu LGA, Chief Okonkwo Iro said that him and his supporters decided to dump APGA because they have found out that there is no road and hope in APGA, they also said that they can not belong to a party that only recognizes it’s members during campain time but aboundon you after election and promised to support and work hard for the election of all PDP candidates.

Earlier on his arrival at Abam Onyerubi, the Chairman met with the ward Executives of PDP in Ohafor Abam ward 1 where he charged them to work in unity as one big happy family as there is no division in PDP. Hon. Nwankwo also told them to put More efforts for the re-election and election of all PDP members.

Highlight of the event was the issuance of PDP membership cards to over 150 members of APGA led by Mr. Okoronkwo Iro.

The event was largely attended by both new and old members of PDP.


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