Bloodshed averted as thugs sent by Benjamin Kalu to disrupt Abam/Bende power re-installation were overpowered by Abam youths.



Dr Chima Anyaso’s power reinstallation project in Ozu Abam scaled a major hurdle today.

The massive project which will restore electricity to 5 communities including the home town of his opponent mr Ben Kalu commenced fully today with the installation of gigantic high quality concrete polls which will carry high tension cables to transmit 33KVA electricity to feed the lines running across the five affected communities.

This ambitious project sponsored by the PDP candidate for Bende Federal Constituency Dr Chimaobi Desmond Anyaso has generated serious controversies as his opponent from the APC considers it a slap on his face that Dr Anyaso will come all the way from Igbere to restore electricity to his own village.
Mr Ben Kalu in a desperate move to stop the laudable project, today sent his thugs to the site of the power reinstallation project with a singular assignment to stop the project at all cost. The armed bandits arrived the scene in a branded campaign vehicle belonging to the APC candidate wielding weapons and looking ready to cause mayhem.

Their plans were however thwarted as youths of Ozu Abam, the host community who had been put on red Alert following similar incident which had happened the previous day came prepared to contain the bandits. On their arrival, the thugs sent by Mr Kalu of the APC met a stiff resistance from Abam youths and vigilante group who had come out solely to see that the project and installation of polls went smoothly without disruption.

The presence of Abam vigilante group and youths scared the thugs who noticed that they were outnumbered.
Speaking to newsmen, the engineer at the site lamented that it is beyond shameful that Mr Kalu will send His thugs to disrupt a project that will restore light to poor masses in his community who need it. Stating that whereas the politician could afford to run his home and business on generator, there are poor masses who couldn’t afford to fuel their power generating sets even they owned one.

A villager who was present at the scene of the incident posited that if Ben couldn’t have the heart to fix the power situation why can’t he step aside and allow Dr Chima Anyaso who is known for such philanthropic gestures to do it? Villagers and passersby who witnessed the Altercation expressed their disappointment in the desperation being exhibited by the APC candidate.

Speaking to delegates sent by Dr Anyaso to inspect the the level of work done and appraise the quality of materials being used, the contractor assured of timely completion of the project.


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