PA ANYASO Skill Acquisition To Train 10,000 Graduates, Professionals



Worried by the inability of graduates and professional to secure jobs or improved in skills, Dr CHIMAOBI ANYASO has offered free training of skills in pa ANYASO skill acquisition centre. In his words, ” I opened this centre for more than 8 years nowjust to enhance the ability of some of our youths to learn skill and fends for themselves. I am set to give this time to 10,000 unemployed Nigerians who need skills to improve their efficiencies an business output””

Pa Anyaso skill acquisition school, that has been operating since 2010 is an ultramodern vocational school that offers trainings in over 15 different skills ranging from industrial welding to fishery, tailoring and textiles, computer, hairdressing, baking etc, and the school is located at ONU IBINA IGBERE. The school since its inception has provided training to several students who have gone on to deploy the skills they acquired to earn a living.

Pa Anyaso skill acquisition school sits on a large expanse of land and has all the necessary equipment for training students.

We all know that government does not have a part to play in the creation of jobs, nothing most professionals who seek jobs rather look at what they wish TI take and not what they are willing give.


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