If You Allow Buhari: It is at the risk of Your Life… By A. S. Chibiko


I say this without any fear of contradiction. This is the worst Federal Government since I became aware of the dynamics of governance. This APC Federal Government defines everything that is evil. There is almost nothing positive about it.

When President Muhammadu Buhari took over on May 29, 2015, rather than govern, he spent all his time chasing rats and giving excuses. He made no efforts to improve the fortunes of Nigerians . Buhari thought that 2019 would never come.

With the wave of his left hand, he ostracized the South-South and South-East. He declared that they will not benefit from his administration. His reason, they gave him five percent of his votes. For four years, there is no single meaningful project initiated by Buhari anywhere in the South-South and South-East. Even though he used Rivers money to fund his campaign, he never planted a single project in Rivers State.

Buhari hired propagandists and lived a life of lies. Lie Mohammed, Femi Adesina and Garba Shehu operated as Chief Liars. There was no technocrat of note in the administration. They built castles in the air and expended funds on advertorial. There were no tangibles anywhere in the country.

Buhari cultivated poverty, deaths, hunger, unemployment, General insecurity, lawlessness, nepotism, tribalism, discrimination, marginalization and religious intolerance. He fertilised these ugly traits.

For four years, Buhari punished Nigerians. He suffered Nigerians. He taunted Nigerians. He abused Nigerians. He watched Nigerians cry and did nothing to wipe away their tears. Buhari foisted the worst form of electoral fraud and violence on the people.

Through criminal machinations the APC Federal Government unleashed mayhem on Rivers State during the rerun legislative elections. Soldiers, mobile policemen and SARs Personnel were involved in violent snatching of electoral materials. These security agencies killed and maimed Rivers people just to rig for the APC. The APC Federal Government detailed about 57000 security personnel to carry out this dastardly act.

Indeed, the Rivers State SARs Commander, Akin Fakorede was caught on tape invading the Rivers East Senatorial District Collation Centre. The video was aired by Channels Television, but no action was taken by the APC Federal Government .

Fast forward to August 2018 during the Port Harcourt State Constituency Three Elections. The APC Federal Government released security personnel to the sacked Factional Rivers State APC Chairman, Ojukaye Flag Amachree. These security agencies backed by armed thugs snatched ballot boxes and election result sheets. They disrupted elections in the heart of Port Harcourt. The entire would was disgusted and the election was suspended. The APC Federal Government did nothing about it.

The elections in Ekiti State and Osun States were rigged by the APC Federal Government through the use of security agencies. The case of Osun State was nauseating. APC lost clearly , but security agencies were used to rob the PDP. The President was later quoted as saying that it was won through remote control. Whatever that means.

With the general elections around the corner and defeat staring the APC in the face, Buhari is adopting violent scare tactics. First it was El-Rufai with his body bags threat, the Amaechi’s war songs and now the President’s shoot at sight.

The President pretends to be interested in credible polls. But the truth is that he wants to use death to scare Nigerians. The APC is working towards voter apathy. The President wants Nigerians to stay away from the polls, so that the security agencies will manipulate the elections.

The threat by President Muhammadu Buhari is illegal. The Electoral Act spells out the punishment for ballot box snatching and other electoral offences. President Muhammadu Buhari usurped the function of the National Assembly and apportioned death penalty for an electoral offence. This is the same way he usurped the function of the National Assembly.

I make bold to say that the President’s Shoot at Sight order is a last ditch effort to empower the security agencies to assist the APC to manipulate the elections . They will snatch electoral materials and threaten people with the President’s directive. This illegal directive is a blank cheque for the biased military and police personnel to misbehave and attempt to rob the people’s mandate. President Muhammadu Buhari will not succeed.

Over the last few weeks, Buhari has attempted to beg Nigerians to offer him another chance. He even did a state broadcast. But there are no flashes of light ahead. The darkness is overwhelming. He has nothing to campaign with, hence the resort to death threats.

If there is one key reason why Buhari must be sacked, then it is the relegation of constitutional governance. A leader who disregards the law at will during his first term, can easily set aside the constitution and become a life President. Of course, he will have senior advocates of Nigeria and other political crooks cheering him on every step of the way.

That is why we must Atikulate our desire for good governance. We must seek a new President with the capacity to create jobs, develop infrastructure, work with new initiatives, accommodate all sections of the country and end hunger and extreme poverty amongst our people.

We must Atikulate our need for a leader that respects the constitution and will not destroy other arms of government. We must Atikulate our preference for a leader that will not be caged by the cabal and un-elected crooks. We Atikulate to vote for a leader who believes in Nigeria to the extent that he will not de-market the country abroad. We must Atikulate and elect a lead that has the courage to sign the Amended Electoral Act for Credible Polls across the country.

Like the campaign musician declared: “2019: Atiku Abubakar, see, I don Atikulate O. I go ..
•Follow the man wet Sabi the road
•Follow the man wey Sabi the work
• Follow the man wey go create employment
•Man wey go stop the hunger.

“I go Vote for the movement wey go make Nigeria work again . I don Atikulate Atikulate O”.

This election is about our lives. That is why Nigerians from all spheres of lives travelled across the nation to vote for Atiku Abubakar and Vote out BUHARI. They are tired of a failed Government of excuses, lies, hunger, insecurity, unemployment and deaths. They want a man who knows how to create wealth, respect the constitution and enhance the development of the country.

Buhari lacks the capacity to lead. He lacks the temperament of a leader. He lacks the courage to respect the constitution. If Buhari loves credible polls, he would have signed the Amended Electoral Act. He dodged it and left yawning loopholes for rigging. To pretend to be among the prophets when the train has left the station is uncharitable.

I say this with all sense of responsibility. The APC cannot win any credible polls anywhere in Nigeria. The party is the worst thing to happen to Nigeria since 1914. Buhari and his associates have been rejected. That is why they have resorted violence and threat of violence.

The most fundamental duty for all Nigerians is to come out en-masse to vote for Atiku Abubakar. Thereafter, defend your votes. Do not allow anyone to rig via remote control or through the security agencies. Nobody must be allowed to apply the Osun Rigging Technique .

Under no circumstances must we allow Buhari rig himself back to power. To do that is at the risk of our lives. Another four years of Buhari would translate to national annihilation . Already, Buhari is a national disaster. A dispenser of Deaths, Poverty and Unemployment.


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