Jubilation In Itumbauzo as Chima Anyaso Ends Four Years of Darkness,Restores Electricity



There was jubilation in Elugwumba Ozuitem in Bende local government area of Abia state as electricity was restored to the community after almost five years in darkness. All thanks to the efforts of the flag bearer of the Peoples Democratic Party for Bende Federal constituency Dr. Chimaobi Desmond Anyaso.

It was a jubilation galore and the community was sent into a celebration frenzy when the lights came on for the first time in four years.

The jinx breaking development was welcomed with a lot of singing and dancing and the residents could not hide their excitement and gratitude to Dr Anyaso.

According to Mrs Ngozi, the community had been in darkness since their transformer went bad four years ago, but after much lobbying Senator Mao Ohuabunwa brought a new transformer for the community. However, after installation of the new transformer, they were informed by EEDC of an accumulated bill of N950,000 which the community had no means of paying.

She stated that they reached out to several politicians and well to do individuals for help and none came through for them until Dr Chima Anyaso’s campaign trail stopped in Elugwumba last Tuesday.

After his campaign Mrs Ngozi took a few minutes to explain the ugly situation to Dr Anyaso who immediately promised to look into it. According to her, the next day, in fulfillment of his promise, Dr Anyaso sent the money to pay the outstanding bill and have the community reconnected.

The joyous residents who were seen chanting songs with Dr Anyaso’s name promised to vote him massively in the forthcoming elections.

They also affirmed “Obi Bende” Dr Chima Desmond Anyaso as their sole candidate for Bende federal constituency.

The community voiced that the heydays of buying votes with crumbs of food was over and their vote is only for the New face of Bende Dr. Chima Desmond Anyaso. They all vowed to give the PDP 100% Vote on Saturday 23 February.



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