The Plot to destroy Abonnema: A need for immediate intervention… By Omubo Briggs


The military killed over 30 innocent people at Abonnema two Saturdays ago. As a result of the killing, over 500 women of Abonnema protested the killing yesterday morning, and urged the military to vacate Abonnema.

The weeping mothers of Abonnema who lost their loved one to the cold hands of death through the barrel of the guns of soldiers, appealed to the Amanyanabo and his Council of Chiefs to pressurize the military to leave Abonnema. The traditional rulers then urged the military to vacate Abonnema, adding that the military have overstayed their welcome.
Then at about 5pm of same day, about 20 young girls who are registered and active members of APC staged a counter protest that the military should continue their occupation of Abonnema.

Immediately after the protest of the APC girls, there was random gun shots in Abonnema, scaring people away from the streets. Then by 8pm, the military claimed that two of their officers had been killed.
Last time, the Army claimed that PDP supporters killed their lieutenant and chased away all the PDP supporters and young men out of Abonnema.

Now in the absence of PDP supporters and young men in Abonnema, who shot and killed the two officers as claimed by the military?
Is it a trumped up charge by the Army to justify their stay in Abonnema? Or the APC supporters that were not chased away killed the two officers to justify the APC’s girls protest for the Army to continue their stay in Abonnema? Or is it a ploy by the APC to disrupt a peaceful conduct of next Saturday’s Governorship election in the area?
Now while drafting this piece, unconfirmed report reached me that the military have ordered everyone to vacate Abonnema. Is this actually true?

I’m using this medium to call on the Amanyanabo and his Council of Chiefs, and all son’s and daughters of Abonnema to rise up to move for the liberation of our people from the bondage of our oppressors who in collaboration with the military are on a genocide mission in Abonnema.
Nyemoni, omeni saki, enebate!


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