Gov. Wike, the harbinger of sorrow, tears and blood.

Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike


In 1997, there was civil unrest in Albania. When the Albania State fell into anarchy, mainly due to the near absence of governance (leaderlessness), the societal collapse gave room for heavily armedom. criminals who who have been chased out of the state returned and roamed the town
freely with total impunity.

Such is the case in Rivers State as the State have recorded both leaderlessness and Impunity at its peak, flagrant abuse of power and conspicuous support and promotion of weapons and direct confrontation of the Military.

All these are on the sponsorship of Gov. Nyesom Wike.
In the letters of the lyrics penned down in the early 80s, he talked of a chaotic scene where the people were left with sorrow, tears and blood. Such is as the present situation that greeted Rivers State in the wake of the 2015 electioneering year and have persisted to date.

Nyesom Wike represents violence. He defines it. He is the kind that cannot sustain an issue base contest. He can only operate where there is no decency. He preaches anarchy. He openly challenge men of the Nigerian Army to a battle, claiming that he can match them number for number, weapons for weapons, blood for blood – a State Chief Executive who does nothing but incite strayed minds against the military; leading to avoidable loss of lives is nothing short of a carrier of death.

In 2007/2008, there was a state of emergency declared on security in Rivers State by the immediate past administration under the Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi CON. The whole security agencies were involved. None was abandoned nor neglected. Security council meetings were held consistently, resolutions implemented and actions taken to create a peaceful and enabling society the populace’s deserved. Rivers State experienced almost a near Zero crime and life became beautiful again.
Criminals and their sponsors hadn’t any place to hide. The State became uncomfortable for criminal elements and that forced most of them to relocated while some who renounced their criminal lifestyle were rehabilitated and today, most of them have realigned back to the society.
By 2013-2014, criminality was given the fore position and that pride of place. Those who ran away from the State were invited to take primary stages and they returned our Rivers State back to where she had been taken off; our women, men, girls were their victims. No one could ever sleep with his/her eyes closed.
An elected Governor was barred from taking some particular route to his official apartment. He was even denied security details and the ones with him withdrawn because one Nyesom Wike got the support of the then Dr. Goodluck Jonathan-led Federal Government.
As the primary responsibility of a government is to protect lives and properties of the citizenry, the immediate past Administration of the Rt. Hon. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi CON trained and retrained men and officers of the Nigeria Police outside the shores of Africa and got the approval of the Police hierarchy to set up the C4i crack team that effectively to an almost state the proliferation of light and heavy weapons entering our state from neighbouring cities and states.
Because of Nyesom Wike, that effective and result oriented police outfit was disbanded by the then Inspector General of Police. Today, we have weapons much more than the number of houses and persons in the state.
There was a State Chief Executive who hath used government institutions to drove away all forms of criminality bit right before his eyes, the security architecture of the state was changed; the Commissioner of Police changed and one Mr. Mbu Joseph Mbu was deployed with the sole aim of creating a serious bridge in security. There was a painful return of criminality as gangsterism Lorded over freeborn in Rivers State. It is on record that Rivers State, under Rt. Hon. Amaechi CON never handle crime with kid gloves but was all out, leading law enforcement agencies to den of criminals which never went down well with Wike even as he was Chief of Staff to that government and was also nominated as Minister by the same government but from that office, he device means and perfected plans to unseat the Governor with the just 5 disgruntled Assembly members headed led by one Evans Bipi representing Ogu/Bolo state Constituency. Lawlessness became the order of the day. Those young men took to street; calling for the resignation of the State Executive. The State assembly was invaded by criminals. The likes of Evans. Bipi, Martins Amaewhule, Samuel Nwanosike and Kelechi Nworgu led the invasion of the hallowed chambers of the State Assembly on the instructions of Wike who assured them that the Police shall surely look the other way. Such was the case in Rivers State as one man would call for the ban of peaceful protests, political campaign of the All Progressives Congress in Rivers State were botched by CP Mbu referring to such free hearted gathering as illegal. At Okrika LGA in Rivers State, February 10/11, 2015 to be precised, APC party faithfuls were attacked by gunmen and shot at close range; media and press men/women who were on essential duties were attacked and injured – all on the orders of Nyesom Wike that the APC should not be allowed to hold their electioneering campaigns in the State.
Nyesom Wike thrives in promoting violence to a very high level. Peace and tranquility is strange to him. Its always an unusual scene to behold Nyesom Wike calling for peace. Asked why and you shall find that it is his culture. He championed that line with his militia until he, by the guns and the compromise of some INEC officials, Judiciary workers and the police support took government by force against the will of Rivers People.
Today, Nyesom Wike still see the wrong use of demented minds, vulnerable and gullible youths as tools to always cling public position. Funds meant for societal development is now expended on illegal acquisition of arms and weapons for the sole aim of chasing away and or silencing perceived contrary view holders and opposition.
One man who, even when he is standing behind the altar of God in churches, will do nothing but use words that only translate threat to the common peace of the society. At traditional and cultural events, he will brandish matchete and assure watchers that it will be used to alit in parts any and all opposition. What sort of a Governor will go to the public and threaten officers of the Nigerian Army to match them number for number, weapons for weapons? It is unbecoming of a public officer in the capacity of a State Governor to be a known harbinger of violent, sorrow, tears and blood.
To me and majority of Rivers people, there is this deep desire for a legislation that should create the leave for any citizen to establish litigations against persons in the position of a Governor of any State especially when such persons have vehemently worked and walked in the opposite side of the oath of office he or she hath sworn to as is the case of the present Governor of Rivers State; to put him in check.


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