“We Must Resist The Evil Called Wike,Group Charges Rivers People


Greetings to you and everyone,
Sometime last week we formally launched RISE AND RESIST EVIL as an organisation which will exist in the hearts and minds of all citizens of Rivers state and Nigeria at large.

This organisation embarked  on their first assignment which was to kick Wike out #wikemustgo  With scorn and due contempt, we have watched the evil machinations of one man who is as wicked and synonymous with his name , who could easily pass as the MOBUTU SESEKOU of Nigeria as he
has slowly and tacitly criminalized Rivers State and Nigeria at large, destroying everything including  institutions he ever touched- from his immediate family, Rivers State, the Nigerian Judiciary and is presently focused on the immediate destruction of the INDEPENDENT NATIONAL ELECTORAL

In the history of Nigeria, no person has ever provided criminality as an
occupation for his people, specialising in gangsterism, drug abuse and beheading of innocent  Nigerians as options like the present Government of Rivers State. All those who directly or indirectly  support a return of Wike as Governor of Rivers State are accomplices to the murder of lots of  persons within the Orashi region like Adube, the Ikwerre nation, the Kalabaris, the Ogonis, the Obolo  nation and the Wakirike kingdom.

In recent times, we are touched by his planned tactical decimation  of Abonnema, headquarters of Akuku-Toru local government area, whose only offence was  producing capable sons who aspire to the position of Governorship which he presently occupies.

To  effect this evil plan his thugs shot and killed an Officer of the Nigeria Army, causing lots of deaths  and displacing the people into unprovided refugee camps.

As the people of Rivers State rise and resist evil on our land with their PVC, we thank you all for  supporting Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and All Progressives Congress for partnering with the  African Action Congress (AAC) to wipe out this evil (Wike and the PDP). We thank you and call on you  to continue to fight with your PVC against this Evil and his accomplices.

The last Election which was suspended was a fight between the people of Rivers State and the about to be destroyed institution￾INEC championed by one OBO EFFANGA as her Resident Electoral Commissioner and Elder Etim-John  Umoh as the administrative secretary.

Thank You for voting massively for Awara of the AAC. No  matter how hard the PDP and their partners in the INEC try to thwart the will of the people, the truth stands FIRM- AWARA SHOULD BE DECLARED WINNER.

The Arrow has left the Bow and can no  longer return-Rivers People have spoken.

While we rise and resist evil called Wike, we urge one and all to rise and resist his imposition on the  people of Rivers State by Obo Effanga’s INEC in defence of the One Billion Naira, a luxuriously  furnished apartment in Maitama, Abuja and a Sport Utility Vehicle of 2018 model.

We as a people  call on the EFCC to investigate this REC who is incapable of conducting any Election since he came to  Rivers State with his deep-seated hatred for the President of Nigeria and the ruling party (see Punch  Newspapers of 30th January, 2017 ‘Buhari’s anti-corruption ‘own goal’).

We also call for his  deployment and that of the Administrative Secretary who shamelessly sold his conscience by  accepting the sum of 300 million Naira, a luxuriously furnished building and a Sport Utility Vehicle as retirement fund.

What is most worrisome is why Rivers State should be turned into a hub for corrupt  INEC officials since 2015? What is the relationship between TETFUND fraud and the planned  imposition of Wike on Rivers State? The time to sanitise INEC in Rivers State is now as all Electoral  Officers have being corrupted by the present-day Evil that must be resisted.

We are satisfied with the role of the Nigeria Army and other security agencies in securing lives and  properties in the face of a blood thirsty regime that was help bent on killing innocent Rivers People.

Though this election was a clear departure from the carnival of violence, blood and death of previous elections of 2015/16, we express our heartfelt condolences to the families who lost their  beloved in the hands of Wike’s Thugs cum Fake soldiers of the ‘infamous’ neighbourhood watch.

We call on the Federal Government to investigate the brains behind the illegal acquisition of  weapons and the activities of this criminal outfit including importation of military uniforms into  Rivers State.

We also call on the Federal Government to investigate the role of the Chief Security Officer to the  Governor of Rivers State, Promise Onuoha and The Camp Commandant, Rivers State Government  House in the Point-blank shooting of Captain Salami Adams at the Obio/Akpor Council Secretariat.

We ask for the investigation of the Police Aide attached to the Chairman, Obio/Akpor Local  Government council on the attack and near murder of Lt.



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