Bishop Kennedy Njoku,We have Not Forgotten By Kelechi Victor

Rt Hon Bishop Kennedy Njoku the Member elect For Osisioma Ngwa North State Constituency

*Reminding RT. Hon. Kennedy Njoku his despicable and damnable past*

He that comes to equity must come with a clean hands and his legs should also spare him of any misnomer or abnormally.

Kennedy Njoku  the Lawmaker Representing Osisioma Ngwa North State Constituency reminds me of the Biblical Ahab who is known for his wicked and atrocious attitude.

Rt. Hon Kennedy Njoku, sir we have not forgotten the Computer ICT hijack of 2008 at Okpuala Ngwa.

We should also remind you that two brothers of that ICT exercise are still alive till today and are easily accessible for furtherance of this research.

The two brothers have not forgiven you of your betrayal.

What beats my imagination was how you clandestinely and in an sinister attempt removed your friends that reposed their trust on you from their business.

If at all you can be so deceitful since 11 years ago, what can be used to compare with you now.

You are acting so dishonourably by attacking your fellow Lawmaker.

  In this vein, Hon. NJOKU you didn’t even believed you might have been an Honorable and as well becoming a speaker but still you became one and still in your character of betrayal and deceitfulness you are bitting the finger that fed you.

Hon Njoku, can you beat to your chest that you would have become a member Abia State House of Assembly by your own making?

Remember he that bits the finger that fed him will remain hungry forever.

Victor Kelechi wrote from Isialangwa.


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