X-raying The Noble Projects Of Hon. Engr. Chinedum Orji, (IKUKU OMA ABIA) for his Constituents


When the good people of Umuahia Central overwhelmingly voted their worthy son, Hon. Chief Chinedum Enyinnaya Orji to represent them at the State House of Assembly, in 2015 , little did they know that they have gotten their destinies in their own hands.

Apart from the main job of a legislator, which include representation, law making and oversight, Hon. Chinedum Orji has proven his metal by lavishing his constitutuents with many tangible and verifiable projects. Every political Ward in Umuahia Central has grave evidence of Ikuku’s good representation in its environment.

His Constituency Projects include;
donation of transformer to School Road, bore-hole reticulation at Umuagom Water, Water Reticulation in Umuobasi , drilling of borehole and water reticulation in Amaokwe. drilling of borehole and water reticulation project in Worldbank and Health Centre Road.

Ikuku carried out construction of a new hospital block in World bank/Health Centre Road, drilling of borehole and water reticulation project in Worldbank Primary School, re-roofing of classroom blocks and walk ways at Worldbank Primary School, construction of new football pitch and painting of the classroom
blocks .

At Union Primary School Afaraukwu, Hon. Orji undertook drilling of borehole and water reticulation project, construction of new five classroom blocks , re-roofing of 2 classroom blocks of the school, maintenance of USA and NDDC blocks, grading and reshaping of football pitch and donation & energizing of Afara Technical School

For Ohokobe-Enyiukwu, the Hon. member drilled borehole and ensured reticulation of water for them. Also at Orie Ogwu Okwulaga Afaraukwu, the law maker undertook drilling of borehole and reticulation of water.

A man with milk of human kindness, Hon. Orji constructed classroom
blocks for students of School of the blind Afaraukwu and at Ohobo Afaraukwu, he donated and energized
transformer for them.

For his constitutuents at Road 5 Low Cost Housing Estate Umuahia, he
graded the one kilometre road for them and gave Finbarrs Road people borehole, which after drilling ensured its reticulation. At Methodist Primary School Umuwaya Road, Hon. Chinedum Orji reconstructed classroom blocks, drilled borehole and reticulated the water there

The Majority Leader of the House carried out re-construction of classroom blocks and re-fencing of the entire St. Stephen’s Anglican Primary School premises. Amuzukwu Girls’ Secondary School was not left out from the benefits of the representive of Hon. Orji in the House, hence, the construction of 4 room blocks conviniences for students and 2 for the teachers.

Also at the Amuzukwu Girls’Secondary School, Ikuku drilled borehole and reticulated water there, re-roofed one classroom block and graded the football pitch.
Equally, at Amuzukwu Mbaraukwu, the law maker donated a transformer, drilled borehole as well as donated N1.5million to Amazukwu Women’s Union for the construction of a new hall.

For Amuzukwu Umuwaya Mbara, he donated a transformer and energized it as well as gave N500,000 to aid them construct a civic hall. He went ahead to make donations of Passat Saloon Car to one of the young men from Umuchime/Umuezeronta, Amuzukwu Ibeku Sienna Car to the President General Amuzukwu Improvement Union.

The benevolence of Engr. Chinedum Orji also extended to the Central Police Station, Umuahia, where he carried out thorough evacuation of a multiple building sewage system that has stayed for fifteen (15) years, re-roofing of women’s bathroom and conviniences, re-roofing of D.C.O’s bathroom and convinience, plumbing of D.C.O and police women conveniences with functional doors.

At Worldbank Police Station, this high flying House member carried out the maintenance of the administrative building there.

It is worthy to note that Ikuku refurbished the transformers at Awolowo Street by Owerri Road, Kaduna Street By Umuwaya, Igbo Street by Uzuakoli Road and Item Street by Niger Road.

He carried out the fencing of the premises, re-construction one classroom block and drilling of borehole & reticulation water at St. Michaels Primary School, Umuahia. At Lorritto Catholic Primary Primary School Ugwunchara, Ikuku re-constructed three classroom
blocks, three rooms conviniences and
drilling of borehole and reticulation of water.

Then at Methodist Girls High School, Umuahia, known as Junior Girls, he drilled borehole and reticulated the water and constructed six rooms conviniences. For his constitutuents living at ‘Down Below’, Hon. Chinedum Orji donated and energized a tansformer for them.

He drilled a borehole and recticulated the water for them. Hon. Orji did not leave Methodist Primary School-Mission Hill behind, he fenced their premises, drilled their borehole and recticulated the water as well as reconstructed two classroom blocks. The gesture of Hon. Orji was equally extended to Hill TOP by War Museum, where he drilled a borehole and recticulated the water.

At Obioma Quarters, Ikuku constructed six rooms conviniences and drilled borehole and recticulated the water too. He carried out electrification project at Palm Lane Extension in Ward 3. Of course, under scholarship scheme of Hon. Chinedum Orji, twelve (12) indigent students of the Constituency.
we’re awarded scholarship. And for his monthly stipends, Ikuku dows out monthly stipend of N10,000 to Cover 1,000 people in the Constituency.

Beyond projects, this young man has a knack for excellence, truth and openness and flows with uncommon milk of human Kindness which has touched many people within and even outside his constituency. Under his watch, Abia youths have been engaged in the Ochendo Youth Foundation in which at least, over 20, 000 youths from the State were trained in different skills acquisition and were empowered afterwards.

Hon. Orji has given out some empowerment materials under the youth empowerment programme, hence, people have received vehicles, tricycles, sewing machines, generating sets, sets of clippers, call-centre equipment, grinding machines, wrappers, cash among others. These have helped in job creation among youths in the state.

This innovative politician introduced a paradigm shift in the relationship between a representative and the electorates cum constitutuents. It is called Direct- Touch. Through this, the good people of Umuahia Central State Constituency enjoy direct dealings with him. The Direct Touch initiative has established many life-touching projects for his constituents.

Indeed, Engr Orji has never been found wanting in carrying out his primary duties, no wonder, at the inauguration of the 6th House, he was elected by his colleagues as the Majority Leader. As a Majority Leader, he has ensured beautiful motions are moved and the House comply accordingly. This gentleman is presenting himself to be norminated and elected the Speaker of the 7th House, a position everybody has said fits him.

Speakership position fits Hon. Orji for obvious reasons; firstly, in the last four years he has distinguished himself as a principal Officer of the House. He is very much poised to do better in the next four years.

It is obvious that based on his track records and capacity to lead and galvanize colleagues for legislative business, the other members of the 7th House of Assembly added to the twelve who Recently Endorsed him, whose business it is to select their principal officers would do the needful and elect Hon. Chinedum Enyinnaya Orji to serve as the Speaker.


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