Without DR Ogah, THERE Would’t Have Been Abia APC Ikechi Onwuchekwa



“How fast it has always been for the Igbo nation to kill their best. A practice, you can never find in the Hausa/Fulani or the Yoruba’s Political settings! No wonder, we circle within as the 2nd class citizens on the political equation of this country.”

One would wonder what could be the need for all the libelous articles being shunned out by a group of People from the Abia South against the person of Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah, who, indisputably, is one of Abia bests.

Lately, I have read articles with the intent to damage Dr. Ogah’s towering reputation within the eyes of his people, and I have never wondered less, how such articles could help redeem the present Abia quagmire.

Most of such articles has tried so hard to portray Dr. Ogah in a bad light as someone who scuttled the chances of the Abia gubernatorial struggle of 2019, this, a very clear indication, that the sponsors, thought that those mischievous steps will determine the fate of Dr. Ogah’s ministerial nomination. Of a truth, Dr. Uche Ogah is unperturbed!

The saying that “A lie unchallenged, suddenly appears to be truth”, could be the reason why I decided to drop a piece this morning to challenge the numerous wicked and scandalous but watery articles being sponsored by same group of people.

As the multiple articles bears almost the same drive, I challenge the writers to produce one single dude Cheque issued by Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah to Abia APC or one of its leaders in the name of pledge to the party of any form. If any of the party leaders embezzled the money given to the party by Dr. Ogah at anytime, which was rumored at a time. Why should such take a toll as tool of blackmail.

It’s not a hidden fact, that Ogah was, and is, the biggest financier of Abia APC. The evidences are their on paper. The State Chairman, can also attest to this fact or, we can as well call for the financial audit of the Abia APC account, while Dr. Ogah, will also produce his account details of every transactions he made in and around Abia APC.

Dr. Ogah, doesn’t need to be a Minister, to beat any candidate at the Primaries, should he decides to re-contest by 2023. His goodwill and humble lifestyle will always speak for him. In 2015, Dr. Ogah contested under the platform of PDP, as against the tide of the choice of the Governor then, he beat every one of the political office holder that contested the same ticket with him, ranging from an active Minister then, to the serving deputy governor at that time to emerge second, despite how hard, the State Government worked to see him score last. He came brazen second. I had to go this deep to butteries my facts.

Why would anyone insinuate that Dr. Ogah is interested in the party money when the Federal Govt. just paid huge sum of money to him, part of debt being owed his company. It’s laughable when someone make posts insinuating that he withheld funds released by the Party National body for the State.

The Presidential and National Assembly logistic fund were duly released to Senators with a tabulated template arranged by the APC NWC and which, Dr. Ogah worked within its framework, despite, some of the party leaders wanted otherwise.

The gubernatorial logistics fund, which came very late on the morning of that gubernatorial election from the National, was duly shared at one of the Abia APC leaders house in Umuahia to every State constituency through their leaders, coordinators and aspirants. Though, regrettably, some of the aspirants and leaders absconded with the money without getting it reach the party polling units and ward agents and other needs of the fund.

Apart from Dr. Ogah, nobody brought a dime in the rallies and visits to the 17 local government across the State. At a point that some fund came, it was a loan from one of our leaders that was repayable to the lender.

It’s very clear how good number of party members from Abia South Ngwa extractions, took money from the Abia PDP and worked tirelessly against the Abia APC both in Presidential and gubernatorial. Part of the reasons why it looked as if we didn’t make much enroll in Abia Central part of Ngwa and the Abia South, despite fielding very marketable candidates for the National Assembly positions. They were betrayed by same party men and I can list names if need be.

As determined as they were to destroy APC chances in the last general, the results from the APC agents in Abia South was never submitted, areas that were submitted were sketchy, a development that made the candidates to go extra miles to get the original copies because most of the leaders that left with the logistics fund absconded with the fund. All was a deliberate act to frustrate the tribunal, incase if Dr. Ogah wanted to go to the tribunal by same group of brigands.

I have always advocated for the National body of our party to call for the original polling units and ward results of every so-called leaders in Abia, findings will shock the national body!

Using most of the people who jeopardize the APC chances in Abia as members of the election finding committee in Abia is also laughable, as they will do all to cover their tracks!

There is no comparison in Abia political sphere, the manner Dr. Uche Ogah, a singular entity, carried his party since his joining the ruling party. Despite being perceived as a green horn in the murky waters of Abia politics, he is till the only Gubernatorial candidate in the whole of Southeast who won all the elections in his Local government and Constituency in 2019 general elections.

His contributions to the APC in Southeast can not be ignored. Dr. Ogah believes that governance is circled around administrative system and he can do more to reduce, if not a complete wipe out, the suffering of Abia people. He also believes that good people can truly be involved in Abia politics as against what is holding sway today!


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