2023: Why We’re Forming New Political Movement – Okorocha

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A former Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, says he and other progressive-minded politicians are muting a new political order owing to the silent agitations and complaints against the current state of the nation across Nigeria.

He told newsmen on Monday in Abuja that from the body language of the Nigerians, “it is obvious they’re not satisfied with what is on ground, hence the urgent need for regrouping of the good politicians’ to restore public confidence in governance and save the country.”

Okorocha, representing Imo West in the Senate on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, said: “The country needs political re-engineering.

“Nigerians cannot be fooled again by mischievous politicians in 2023.

“The movement for a new Nigeria has begun and we must come together, I mean progressive Nigerians to make the country work”.

Asked if the promise of the new political movement for a new Nigeria would not be akin to that of the APC in 2015, he said the APC was hurriedly formed to take power the PDP without much emphasis on the character of those championing the course.

“APC was a hurried arrangement, it was hurriedly formed to take power when the then government was drifting.

“APC would have been better until people who were not members of the party; people who came for congratulatory message hijacked the party and became lords,” he said.


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