Landmark Projects Executed by Hon. Nnenna Elendu Ukeje (Ada UKWU Bende) for Bende People.

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Flash Back On The Landmark Projects Executed For The Bende People By Hon. Nnenna Elendu-Ukeje (Ada Ukwu Bende)

Recently, the immediate past Member representing Bende Federal Constituency at the National Assembly, Hon. (Chief) Nnenna Elendu-Ukeje (Ada ukwu Bende) was honoured by her people at a grand civic reception organised by the Youths of Bende. At the event, the State Governor and leader of the PDP in Abia State, Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu appreciated the quality representation the amazon gave for her people and described her as the priceless jewel of Abia politics while other stakeholders including the Deputy Governor, Rt. Hon Ude Oko Chukwu, the speaking Speaker of the Abia State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon (Engr.) Chinedum Orji, the State PDP Chairman, Rt. Hon. Asiforo Okere among others eulogized Nnenna Elendu-Ukeje as a political colossus, whose relevance to the party and the State is unparalleled.

However, some people in various quarters, especially those who are not conversant with realities or those who have forgotten the towering achievements and giant strides of this consummate politician questioned achievements made by the former Federal lawmaker.

Consequently, it is imperative we present and flash our minds back to some of the landmark projects of Nnenna Elendu-Ukeje.

Below are the projects we are talking about with pictorial evidence ;

(1) Construction of Classroom Blocks at Ugwueke Secondary School.

(2) Construction of 9 Classroom Blocks at Okoko Item Comprehensive Secondary School, Okoko Item

(3) Yearly Distribution of Fertilizers to Bende Farmers and improved Cassava stem and high yield Corn.

(4) Construction of 2 Blocks of three Classrooms each at Ugwueke Secondary School.

(5) Built Ozuitem Health Center at Ebem Ozuitem, currently awaiting equipment.

(6) Built Amaoku Alayi Health Center currently awaiting Equipment.

(7). Built three Classrooms Block at Item High School, Item.

(8) Built Okai Item Digital Hall.

(9) Built Amaeke/Apanu Market in Item.

(10) Built Ezeukwu Civic Hall in Ezeukwu.

(11) Built Six Classrooms Block with School Furniture at Ozuitem Central School.

(12) Built Five Classrooms Block at Alayi Secondary Commercial School ALAYI.

(13) Borehole at Akaelu Lody Imenyi.

(14) Built Three Classrooms Block at Ozuitem Secondary School, Ozuitem.

(15) Built Six Classrooms Block at Senior Science School Alayi

(16) Built Classrooms Block at Ezechi Central School Umuhu Ezechi.

(17) Attracted Hospital equipment and Furniture to Umunnato general Hospital.

(18) Donated a Transformer at Ugwunkpa Amabia Community.

(19) Built Alayi Digital Town Hall in ALAYI.

(20) Constructed two blocks of Six Classrooms with School Furniture at Central School in Item.

(21) Donated a Transformer to Amazu Umuhu Ezechi

(22) Annual Free WAEC Registration in all the autonomous Community and Secondary Schools in Bende.

(23) Built a Modern Loading Bay with Borehole water and restaurant at Ozuitem Park in Uzuakoli.

(24) Yearly donation of Free glasses and drugs in her free medical eye test.

(25) Donated a Garri Processing Machine at Umuhu Ezechi.

(26) Supplied School Furniture at Ndiwo Town School Itumbuzor.

(27) Delivered a Transformer to Amaeke Alayi in Alayi.

(28) Built a Digital Hall at Okoko Item.

(29) Built a Digital Hall at Ndiuwa Ububia in Itumbuzor.

(30) Donated Solar Street Lights at Isiala Autonomous Community in Ozuitem.

Installed in other Communities including:



Apanu Item

Okoko Item

Umakoa Item

Amaokwe Item

(31) Built 16 Lock Up Shops at Akanu Item Market

(32) Built a Primary Health Center with Doctors Residence at Ndioti Ntalakwu, Itumbuzor.

(33) BUILT Six Classrooms Block at Ezialayi Community Primary School.

(34) Built Three Classrooms Block at Umuenyere Alayi.

(35) Built a Civil Digital Hall at Amagbu Lohum Imenyi.

(36) Built a Borehole at Amaharo Nkpa.

(37) Built a Borehole at Court, Ezialayi.

(38) Built Six Classrooms at Amaoku Primary School Alayi.

(39) Built Classroom Blocks at Amakwu .

(40) Built Classrooms Block at Item Central School.

(41) Built Three Classrooms Block at Item High School

(42) School Furniture Supplied to Akoli Imenyi Primary School.

(43) Organized a Free Medical Eye test/ Treatment in Okoko Item.

(44) Donated and Installed a Transformer to Bende Community (Bende town).

(45) Attracted Neo natal equipment and Supplied to Uzuakoli Health Center.

as well as Incubator, Suction Machine, pediatrics bed, Oxygen Concentration.

(46) Sunk a Borehole at Quarters in Uzuakoli.

(49) Sunk a Borehole at Amaekpu Item.

(50) Built three Classrooms Blocks at Ohumola Secondary School.

(51) Yearly Distribution of Fertilizers to Bende Farmers.

(52) Sunk a Solar Borehole at Eluama Uzuakoli.

(53) Built 16 Lock Up Shops at Alayi Central Market (Afia Ozara).

No wonder, the “Home Coming” organised for this great woman and leader of the PDP batallion in Bende Federal Constituency is commendable.

Bravo Nnenna Elendu-Ukeje!

Bravo Ada Ukwu Bende!!

Bravo the priceless jewel of Abia politics!!!

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