Youth restiveness be blame on National Assembly – Northern group chair, Danmaje

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Alhaji Rufai Mukthar Danmaje, A member of Kano Traditional Institution and Chairman Arewa Voice Forum, has accused the National Assembly of failing to adequately create a law that will cater for Nigeria’s neglected youths, resulting in making them violent.

He said, “The National Assembly, since governments have serially failed the Nigerian youths, would have created a definite law that will force the authorities to have a systematic employment mechanism and other means that will take care of the youths.

“But what do we have, if not People’s been elected and sent to Abuja to only take care of themselves, while Youths who are the backbone of our society are left to wallow in destitution and striking poverty level, which today make them violent.

“My worries is even during these last constitutional review meetings, we have not seen where youth were given ample chance to present their concerns, in other words, youths were not taken care of even in the nation law reviews.

“However, it is never late, something positive must start to be done, queen behind the if I may say, President Muhammadu Buhari actions on youth of Trader Money and other strategies, with the National Assembly given outright backings that will stimulate the Youth development policy in Nigeria”.

Danmaje said, “my concern is we are sitting on Gunpowder and it could explode at any moment, and you know the consequences, therefore the youths should quickly be adequately taken care off, if we are to salvage the situation”.

Similarly, Danmaje, worried that another problem Nigeria faced in failing to tackle the serial insecurities hampering development and specifically agriculture progress, was the near reduction of traditional institutions to nothing, removing every control of their communities from the hands.

“I know, although I’m saying we should go back to Native Authorities system, traditional leaders should be allowed to firmly take care of the security of their enclaves, what I mean here is some semblance of powers should be given to them to arrest suspects and hand them over to Police”.

“You see we have seen how we left in perfect peace when traditional Institutions were in control of their areas, during the NA system, no person comes to a Community without the knowledge of a traditional leader, and by which they know who is who leaving with them”.

He said, “my candid opinion is that this Constitutional review process should create special jobs for the nation’s traditional leaders, more specifically that which has anything to do with Security if truly we are to get out of the problems we are today”.

Alhaji Rufai also warned against any moves to dissolve the National Youth Service programme (NYSC) saying doing that will be a serious de-service to the Nation, recalling how the program helped many to understand Nigeria away from the myopic beliefs of their fathers.

“Don’t, destroy a legacy build and created for the good of Nigeria, in NYSC, most of Us have gone through it and we have seen how Nigeria beautifully it was created with different ethnic and tribal Nationalities, which to me is our strength and something of proud, so we should keep it,” he appealed.

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