2023: Positions zoning will continue until ‘state of origin’ is scrapped – Presidential aspirant, Ohuabunwa

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On Tuesday a People’s Democratic Party (PDP) presidential aspirant, Sam Ohuabunwa says Nigeria cannot shun zoning system.

Ohuabunwa told reporters in Abuja that the country’s ethnic diversity was a key factor in elections.

He reminded citizens of the need to ensure inclusiveness, where the interest of the majority and minority would be protected.

The former Chairman of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) said the diversity of the people must be taken into account always.

The business mogul stated that zoning was like the Federal Character principal contained in the 1999 Constitution.

“What is the essence of federal character? It simply means that no single, religious or tribal group should dominate the public space and office.

“Federal character is applicable to the office of the president. This means no one group should continue to produce the president”, NAN quoted him saying.

Ohuabunwa advocated that zoning should continue until every region in Nigeria produce a president.

The aspirant added that it cannot be discarded unilaterally because such decision must be a collective agreement.

He said zoning will remain until ‘state of origin’ is no longer recognized like in some other countries.

“As long as Nigeria still operate states of origin, zoning has to continue”, the PDP chieftain stressed.

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