APC Convention: Magnus Abe calls for peace

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Former Senator Magnus Abe has called for peace ahead of the All Progressive Congress National Convention.

In a post signed by the former senator, he said, let me once again appeal to all members of our party for decency and decorum in language and conduct.

We have said unprintable things to one another over the years. I sincerely believe that it is time to tone it down.

The party in its wisdom has cleared three persons including two Rivers sons to contest for the position of National Vice Chairman South-South.

This means that contrary to what we have been telling ourselves on this platform and many other places, we all remain members of this great party.

Yes, I signed a petition against the Rivers State delegates’ list because it confers unfair advantage on one of the contestants to the detriment of the other contestant who is also one of us from Rivers State. If you treat anyone unfairly there is bound to be a reaction.

The petition is solely intended to correct what is clearly wrong and unfair. The petition should not be an excuse to insult or abuse anyone.

At some point all of us must realize that we all need peace, we need cooperation and we need respect.
If we are not prepared or ready to overlook the hurts, pains and anger of the past we cannot achieve success in the future.

Members of the APC in Rivers state should feel free to support and vote for the candidate of their choice, your choice will not make you less APC or move you to deny the right of others to make a different choice.
At the end of the day one person will emerge.

Whoever it is, will need all of us to work together to succeed here in Rivers State.

Party positions will mean nothing if we cannot come together to win elections.

The good leader is the one who can bring different people, with different attitudes and issues together, and make them work as one to achieve enduring success, it is not the one that breeds the deepest enmity, promotes the most hatred and rewards our efforts with failure.

Each and everyone of us is old enough to think for himself and voice an opinion on the future of this party by post-convention.

Let us reflect and be sober while we campaign for our respective candidates.


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