2023: What I will do after becoming Nigeria’s President – Saraki

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Bukola Saraki former 8th-Senate President, says he will ensure more accountability in Nigeria’s security agencies when he is elected President in 2023.

Speaking with Trust TV, the former Governor of Kwara State also disclosed that he will work to improve the morale of servicemen and women.

He declared that there has been no accountability by the nation’s leadership and management of agencies “and that says a lot”.

“People must be held responsible. Then we must improve the morale of men in uniform to ensure what needs to be done.

“We must bring in technology. It is embarrassing in today’s world in a country like Nigeria; we’re still battling things like kidnapping,” he said.

Saraki said the problem persists “because there’s something wrong somewhere”.

The former lawmaker noted that Nigeria requires fresh leadership and he was in the best position to provide solutions.

“When you look at where we are as a country, we are not going in the right direction. It requires fresh leadership”, he said.

On the fuel scarcity crisis, Saraki insisted that the country isn’t importing what the Federal Government and Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) claim.

“There is no way under my watch that the country will continue to import 70 million litres a day. I know that it is not true,” he stressed.

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