You are a failed Politician, Abia PDP slams Damian Ozurumba over claims he was offered N5million to write delegate List

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Another antic of a failed and disgruntled politician in Abia State in the person of one Damian Ozurumba is on full display in the social media. Abians beware!

The Party is in notice of a video in circulation where one Damian Ozurumba alleged that he was given N5m alongside other four members of the Abia State PDP Ward Electoral Committee constituted by the PDP National Working Committee, NWC to write the Abia three-man Ad Hoc delegates list.

In the said video, Ozurumba said that he rejected the money and sent a minority report to the National Working Committee of the PDP.

Needless to advise Abians not to heed such unfounded allegations, especially as many of such clowns have tried to discredit the government only to reduce their political worth, while in reverse, the government/Party continues to gain political capital within and outside the State.

The accusation is beyond infantilism and requires very serious psychiatric examination because of the lack of coordination in the thought process that produced the malicious interview whose sole purpose is nothing but to embarrass the government and the Party. People should ignore such a flagrant display of malicious dishonesty.

Why did it take Ozurumba several weeks after the conduct of the exercise to come to the public with this revelation? Technically, his allegations amount to nothing because it has become statute barred, having exceeded the normal appeal window allowed for such infractions if any.

It is very clear that in the days after the primary elections, several vainglorious politicians who lost out have conspired and continue to do so without success though, to embarrass the government and unfortunately they found a willing tool in one of their own; a Damian Ozurumba who probably collected money for the hatchet job.

That Ozurumba failed to raise alarm the same day or within 48 hours of the alleged bribery speaks volumes about the character of a man who was refused a second tenure to the House of Representatives by his constituents because of his abysmal outing in his first and only tenure where he failed to move a single motion in the Green Chamber.

Today he stands “short” euphemistically, and is indeed the only man who so far had a single tenure in the House of Representatives in his Isiala Ngwa North/ South federal constituency. Abians can recall vividly that in December 2004, the political leaders of Isiala Ngwa North and Isiala Ngwa South federal constituency passed a vote of no confidence on Damian Ozurumba and even made efforts to recall him. It was the same Party he is attacking now that saved him from that embarrassment. What a way to repay the benevolence of a benefactor.

The Party makes bold to say that no such interaction happened between Ozurumba and any other member of the Electoral Committee for that matter; individually or collectively, nor has the National Working Committee, NWC drawn the attention of the State leadership of the Party to any minority report submitted to it as alleged by Damian Ozurumba.

We urge the Party faithful to disregard Ozurumba and his likes and trust the ability of the State leadership of the party in the governor, Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, the State Chairman, Rt. Hon Alwell Asiforo Okere, the State Working Committee, SWC and the enlarged State Executive Committee, SEC to lead them aright.

PDP- Power to the People


Hon. Elder Amah Abraham

State Vice Chairman (Acting State Publicity Secretary)

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