NPA 2022 Exercise: Abia Government directs public, private schools to ensure that they are duly captured

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The Honourable Commissioner, Ministry of Basic Education, Abia State has observed with dismay that 30% of the Basic Schools in the State are yet to participate in the National Personnel Audit exercise being conducted by the Universal Basic Education Commission Abuja.

All teachers of such Private and Public Schools are directed to ensure that they are duly captured in the exercise.

The proprietors and heads of schools yet to participate in the NPA 2022 exercise, as well as those that denied the enumerators access to their schools, are by this announcement directed to visit the office of the Education Secretary of their respective LGEAs for immediate capturing, from 9am to 3pm, Tuesday 9th to Thursday 11th August 2022. Government shall be constrained to direct total closure of schools that fail to participate in this National exercise.

All Zonal Inspectors of Education (ZIEs), Area Inspectors of Education (AIEs) and Education Secretaries are to ensure strict compliance to this Government directive.


Hon. Chief Ukwu Rocks Emma
Honourable Commissioner for Basic Education, Abia State.

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