Why Labour Party in Abia May not have a Governoship candidate in 2023.

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Unbelievable as this may sound, the supposed Labour party Governorship candidate, who has at different times contested for the governorship of the state under three different political parties namely, PDP, APGA, APC and most recently Labour party, Mr Alex Chioma Otti may not stand as a candidate in the 2023 general election.

Our investigation revealed that Mr Otti, in filling his INEC forms refused to disclose his educational qualifications which are important for candidates vying for elections knowing that it is a constitutional precondition that qualifies one as a candidate of a political party.

In the case of Mr Otti, one is left to wonder if the omission of such vital information is intentional having been a serial contestant, who has lost elections at different times and in all the elections he has contested and at such should know INEC procedures more than any other contestant.

Mr Otti, in filling the forms did not also supply information as to where he has worked or positions he has held before joining active politics in 2014, an INEC official who pleaded that we leave his identity undisclosed said since 2015 Mr Otti, has not supplied INEC details of where he has worked or positions he has held in the past probably for fear of being associated with the running down of DIAMOND BANK which the management of the defunct bank had in the past alleged monumental mismanagement, intrigues, lapses and losses in the bank’s resources which led to eventual take over of the bank by another commercial bank

He also went ahead to reveal that in the form submitted to INEC, Otti gave his LGA of Origin as Arochukwu and his voter’s card was also registered in AROCHUKWU.

These revelations have reinforced Mr. Alex Otti’s desperation and why he also chose a running mate from Ohafia in the same Abia North senatorial zone who also shares the same ARO ancestry with Dr Alex Otti.
Abians are advised to reject a desperate and serial election loser like Otti, who has no regard and respect for people from other clans or zones if he eventually gets cleared to contest the 2023 general election by INEC, though his chances at this time look very slim and unrealistic.

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