Some Highlights of Nnamdi Kanu’s today broadcast.

Nnamdi Kanu


1. I will prove to the world that Buhari is dead and they replaced him with that thing Jubrin/Jubril from Sudan.

In my broadcast in November, I will give the world picture, DNA and Forensic evidence to prove that to Nigerians.

2. It was Ohaneze/Eastern Governors that ordered the soldiers to kill me because they said I was hitting up the polity. They personally wrote Abuja to arrange for me to be assassinated because our sit at home was successful.

3. Arewa consultative forum pressured Ohaneze/Eastern Governors to do something about me towards the end of their Altimatum.

Okezie Ikpeazu, Dave Umahi and Nnia Nwodo prepared speeches for my funeral against my supposed assassination.

‘I will play a video where Okezie Said we (the Governors) must kill Kanu so that more Igbo youths will not die..

He also said it was the Governors/Ohaneze that drew his bail condition so that they will cage IPOB like they have caged other freedom fighting groups.

4. They say Nnamdi Kanu is the problem and I am telling them to restructure Nigeria or give me referendum and have peace. I will not drop Biafra until I get a concession from Nigeria.

5. People are jumping up and down talking about election when there is entrenched impunity. The same haste to get rid of Jonathan is the reason the Certificateless Buhari is in power. No body is asking why Dasuki and El Zadzaky is still in prison after competent courts has ordered their release.

We are not going to vote so that we can solve our problems once and for all.

Details later….


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