Respect civil rights – Peter Obi to FG

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On Tuesday the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, has called on the federal government to restrain the Nigerian security operatives from illegal arrests of his supporters nationwide.

This is coming after a recent report of OBIdients allegedly being silently arrested by some security agents.

Obi, who made the call via his Twitter handle, described the recent arrest faced by OBIdients movement supporters as a tool of intimidation, stressing the need for federal and state agencies to remind their operatives to respect civil liberties.

While condemning the incident, the presidential candidate said, “the secret arrest made by some security agents is alarming. We must ensure that everyone is given a level playing field in the forthcoming elections and that no eligible Nigerian, irrespective of ethnicity, religion, or political affiliation is disenfranchised

He further noted that “Elections are not deemed free and fair when a certain group employs the tool of intimidation to ensure that the opposition is silenced, both at the campaigns and the polls.

”Peaceful assembly and unfettered electioneering campaigns are constitutionally guaranteed. Both and other ordered liberties cannot be breached wilfully by security agents.”

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