Security agencies must be discreet and thorough in investigating all incidents – Rivers Government

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The Rivers State Government has seen isolated reports suggesting that some persons are purportedly being physically molested for political reasons. Security agencies must exercise the highest level of diligence, discreetness and carefulness in their work to sift the wheat from the chaff in order to arrive at a credible conclusion.

It is not strange to find politicians staging high level melodrama to either cover up their tracks or muddle up the waters to achieve a preconceived narrative aimed at hoodwinking the public for political reasons especially at a time like this.

Today, a report by former Senator Lee Maeba surfaced on social media that he got a call from a young man. And the caller purportedly, in his own words said, “that they have instructions from either government or some quarters to attack my house.” This makes it obvious that Senator Maeba should help security agencies in unraveling the purported attack on his house and those behind it. It is not enough to blame such an attack on ‘either government or some quarters.’ He should try and remember exactly whom the caller said sent him (the caller).

The Rivers State Government, working with security agencies, will continue to render all possible assistance for security agencies to ensure safety of life and property in Rivers State at all times.

Chris Finebone
Hon. Commissioner for Information and Communications
Rivers State

_Thurs 8th Dec, 2022_

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